What Men Really Think About Your Breasts


Breasts are one of the most common places on a woman’s body to feel self-conscious about. Just like everything in life, some women are born with amazing breasts while others are lucky are fill an A cup. If you have ever wondered what men really think of your breasts, there are a few things that you must consider. Most women believe that men are not attracted to women unless they have at least a B cup, but this is simply not true.

Here are a few examples of what men really think about your breasts and why you should accept yourself for who you are.

What Men Think About Breast Implants

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In a way, men feel like breast implants are a form of cheating. While they may look great while a woman is in clothing, once the shirt comes off it can be another story. Breast implants can be very deceiving and as the woman ages, they can start to look worn under the skin. When a woman stretches in certain ways, you can even see the imprint of the implant on the sides of her breast.

Although many new procedures have come out to minimize scarring, there are still scars associated with breast implant surgery. There are men who love breast implants though. If you are considering them, make sure that you know the ramifications of the surgery.

What Men Think About Smaller Breasts

There is a perception that women worry about the size of their breasts the way that men worry about the size of their penis. While this is definitely true during puberty, women with smaller breasts must learn how to feel comfortable with not having a larger size.

The truth is that there are men who love smaller breasts. Some men believe that more than a handful is a waste. And some women just look better with smaller breasts. If you have smaller breasts, you might feel inadequate compared to other women in the media, but know that guys are very realistic with the image of a woman and size of her breasts in comparison to her body shape.

What Men Think About Larger Breasts

Larger breasts are something that every woman thinks every man wants. This is not true. There is a forward look to the future where men and women think about how the breasts are going to sag. If you are worried about having sagging breasts, there are a few things that you can do.

Working out, toning with weights and doing push-ups are just a couple of the exercises that have been proven to help breast sag. This is a great alternative than having to go under the knife. Many women who have larger size consider an augmentation. If you are concerned about this, and many women are, talk to your doctor about getting a procedure done to prevent sag.

Separating Fantasy And Reality

There are a lot of misconceptions between men and women and what each of them think the other wants in a partner. While men may fantasize about having the perfect woman with the perfect body, everybody knows that this is not a reality. Men are much more attracted to women that they have an emotional fulfillment to than a physical. As men mature, they start to see the blessing of a fun, confident, smart woman over some girl that can’t spell. While the media tries to portray men as breast-hungry it’s not the truth.

Men will forgo a relationship with a girl that doesn’t fulfill their emotional and intellectual need over a woman that is portrayed as perfect. When you are meeting men you will notice that they are much more interested in how you speak, what you think and the kind of wife or girlfriend you will be over what you look like once your shirt is off.

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