My Libido Is Too High! What Do I Do?


My libido is extreme! I’m a girl and when I’m in a committed relationship, I really like sex. A lot. I have a more prominent libido than any girl I know. My past boyfriends couldn’t handle it. I’m kind of insecure about my sexual needs. My current man says he’s okay with it. How much sex drive is normal for a girl?

What She Said:

How much you want is what’s right for you – there isn’t anything as “too much,” though some may argue there can be too little! It honestly sounds like you’ve got the perfect situation – you enjoy having a lot of sex with someone you love, you’re in love and your partner is happy to help you fulfill the frequency. I wish I could expand on this, but I don’t see a problem.

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The misconception that a woman’s sex drive is lower than a man’s is just that – a misconception. Many women have a higher libido than their man, especially as they get older. A man comes into his sexual peak in his early twenties, while a woman doesn’t come into her sexual peak until her thirties and even forties!

It sounds like you know what you like and how much you like it, all while satiating your needs in a healthy and safe way. You may have had boyfriends in the past that judged you (perhaps because they couldn’t keep up), but now you’re with someone who’s a better match for you sexually, and hopefully emotionally. I’ll say to you what you probably say to your lucky boyfriend, “Keep it up!”

If you and your current beau break up and you end up with a guy who can’t fulfill your sexual needs (and you really like him and aren’t interested in finding someone else who can meet your sexual needs), you can consider incorporating sex toys into your routine. If your man just isn’t in the mood, light some candles, take a hot, relaxing bath and have fun masturbating by yourself! There’s nothing wrong with a woman getting it on with herself, even when she’s in a relationship. Lots of men and women enjoy masturbation in addition to a healthy, happy sex life.

What He Said:

You’re not banging random guys on the street corner, are you? (If so, call me and tell me which corner) So there’s nothing wrong with screwing your man’s brains out. I’ve often said that a football stadium full of teenage boys on Viagra couldn’t keep up with an uninhibited woman’s libido.

Guys are notorious for getting caught choking the chicken when they’re in a relationship, because so many women expect that a man must solely be satisfied with sex with his partner alone. However, men usually enjoy a combination of getting busy with their woman (a blowjob is by far better than masturbation) as well as satisfying themselves when their girl isn’t available. There’s no reason it can’t be the same for a woman – if your guy just isn’t up to it and you’re rearing and ready to go, hop in bed for a little solo session. Your man just might walk in on you and want to join the fun!

Can your man keep up with you? No, but he will have fun trying. Relax and enjoy it and for God’s sake get him a truck load of those little blue pills!

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