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Sex is something just about everyone wants – but not everyone always gets it. Some single guys get a lot of sex and other guys hardly get any at all – and dating isn’t as fun when you’re in the latter category. If you’re not getting any, you’re probably wondering what the difference is between you and the guys who are getting laid every weekend – or more. If you’re not getting any, here’s how to fix it and start getting more sex!


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If you’re single and you’re not getting any, these three steps will help you get laid more often. However, if you’re married and looking to get more sex, these techniques are definitely not for you! If you follow these steps while you’re married, it will likely cause more trouble than it’s worth, considering that these techniques are all about how to score with lots of different women.

Step One: Approach One Girl A Day And Ask For Her Phone Number

Make a committment to approach one new woman a day and ask her for her phone number (bonus points if flirting is involved). This simultaneously achieves two things. First, you will inherently become much more comfortable talking to women. When you’re constantly going up to women and making conversation with them, you become more and more aware of what to say and when to say it.

Second, it increases your chances of getting a girl to actually say “yes” simply because after talking to so many women, one of them is bound to. By asking tons of women out, you’re actually improving your odds at getting a date – learn to focus on the number of women that say “yes” instead of the number of women that don’t. Even if you ask fifty women for their phone number and only get two responses, that’s still two women that are interested in dating you and possibly sleeping with you!

Step Two: Design A Date With Multiple Activities – Ending At Your Place

You’re much more likely to have sex on the first date if you design it so that it ends up at your place. Plan a date where you’re moving around a lot and doing multiple activities. Dinner and a movie is cliche, and afterwards, there can be an awkward moment when you’re figuring out what to do next, especially if you’ve hit it off and want to continue spending time with each other.

Here are a few ways you can convince her to go to your place, after you’ve taken her to a few other places first.

Make or purchase a really yummy dessert. Then, let her know that you “made” her something really delicious and she just has to come over and try it. This sounds cheesy, but it actually does work!

Use the things around you to your advantage. For example, do you have a great view from your balcony or your backyard? Do you have a pool or some really exquisite fine art? Perhaps you have a crazy roommate that your date just has to come meet. Look at the things around you and decide what could possibly be interesting to a woman and use that to your advantage when trying to get her to come back to your place.

Step Three: Acquire Sexual Skills

You can get different women back to your place with the above steps, but if you’re not wanting to bomb out and never have sex again with this same girl, you’re going to need to acquire some great sexual skills. This is the true secret to getting a lot of sex all the time. Most guys that get sex have a few girls that they have sex with all the time, rather than doing it with someone new every time. This is because a guy that is really good in bed will have the women he sleeps with coming back for more!

Take some time to research on how to give a woman a really great orgasm. Learn how to please a woman with incredible oral sex, and then learn how to stimulate the g-spot or the a-spot and give her types of orgasms she’s never had before. If you learn what a woman likes in bed, you’re really only going to have to date a few women – because if you blow their minds during sex, they’e going to want to go back to your place again and again.

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