Not Ready for Sex? Here Are 5 Tips For Steamy Makeout Sessions Without Going All The Way


If you’re not ready for sex yet, you’re not alone. There are couples who have decided to not go all the way for one reason or another. Maybe it has something to do with their beliefs and their principles. Maybe they’re just not ready for the consequences of sex (early pregnancy, starting a family too early, etc.).

Your reasons for waiting to have sex are your own; don’t let the pressure get to you. Some women think that they’re letting their boyfriend suffer because of their decision not to go all the way. If you’re one of these girls, you shouldn’t believe that penetration is the only way to make love to your boyfriend.

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What’s really important in love making is how you can make your guy feel the ultimate pleasure without giving up your cherry. In short, there are more ways to make a guy reach orgasm than they teach in Sex Ed. Read on to discover five of the best make out techniques you can use to please your man….

5 Tips For Steamy Makeout Sessions Without Going All The Way

Learn The Art Of French Kissing

Torrid kissing is one of the main aspects of your makeout sessions, so you must do it right. Feel free to suck and nibble his lips when you’re feeling playful. Use your tongue to tease his tongue out, not for him to choke on. Play with his tongue using your lips.

Fondle His Member

Give your man a hand job while you’re kissing. One way to make sure his arousal will peak is to coordinate your kissing with your hand movements. For instance, whenever you suck his tongue, squeeze his member a bit and stroke faster. Do the same trick when you’re kissing his neck and ears.

Main a good stroking rhythm and you can bet he’ll be ready to explode by the time you move down to give him head.

Let Him Touch Your Breasts

One way to make him feel that you’re connected with him erotically is to allow him to touch your boobs while you’re kissing and stroking him. He will hear you sigh and moan while you’re kissing him, and this will increase his arousal.

Move Downward Slowly

Getting him excited means moving slowly. This will also ensure that he can feel every stroke of your tongue and every movement of your lips. Moving your head gradually downward while stroking him with the same rhythm will move him closer to orgasm.

Alternate Licking His Member And His Balls

While you’re stroking him up and down, kiss the tip of his member or lick his balls. Let his moans and movements be your guide and be extremely conscious of his reactions so that you know when to intensify the blow job.

Applying these techniques will improve your foreplay skills. The good news is that your man will be more than satisfied, and he will not be looking elsewhere for release whenever he’s horny.

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