Safe Sex: Can That Clear Fluid Really Get Me Pregnant?


If you're in a steady, sexual relationship with your partner, you may be wondering just how risky you can be sexually without getting pregnant. You're not alone!Many people want to test the boundaries and do as much with each other without a condom as possible. Some people say that it feels better … [Read more...]

Frustrated Man Can’t Orgasm Wearing A Condom!


If you dislike wearing a condom during sex, you're certainly not the first! Many people dislike the feeling a condom has or, more to the point, the lack of feeling.If your partner insists on having you wear a condom during sex every time, you may be frustrated, especially if she's already using … [Read more...]

Can We Salvage Our Sex Life If We Don’t Fit Together Physically?


It’s a fact of life. Physically, we’re all different.We’re different shapes and sizes when it comes to our chests, butts and legs, so why wouldn’t it be true with our genitals?Well, it is true.  Everyone’s penis and vagina is shaped differently from someone else’s, so it’s entirely possible to … [Read more...]