Help! I Can’t Feel It When We Have Sex Anymore. Is My Sex Life Over?


Whether it happens suddenly or it's something that happens over time, losing vaginal sensitivity can be extremely upsetting for a woman, especially one that's quite sexually active.This can come as even more of a shock if a woman has previously enjoyed G-spot or vaginal orgasms and great sex, … [Read more...]

Honestly, Does Penis Size Really Matter?


It's an age old question. Does penis size really matter?Certainly, it depends on who you ask. Some people prefer large penises and others prefer quite small ones.  The majority of people, however, agree that penis size is relative to the vagina.If a penis fits the vagina, it really doesn't … [Read more...]

How to Induce Sexual Desire In Your Bedroom


Picture this: you guys are so into each other that you can't wait any longer to make love.You start ripping each other's clothes off and proceed to the bedroom. Once you get there, somebody steps on a gadget left on the floor causing pain.You move on but the open window is bringing in all the … [Read more...]