Q&A: Bad Breath – How To Prevent And Treat It


A huge turn off for a lot of people is bad breath. There’s nothing that will kill a sexy mood like getting a whiff of your partner’s bad breath when you’re leaning in for a kiss or getting hot and heavy on your way to the bedroom. So how do you tell your partner they have bad breath without offending them, and how can you treat it so it doesn’t happen again?

Question: Hey Dan and Jennifer, sometimes when I am with my boyfriend, he has bad breath. I find it a real turn OFF. How can I tell him without hurting his feelings? His oral hygiene is really good, just sometimes he has bad breath … any advice?

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Be Honest

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It’s important to be honest with your partner about their bad breath. Wouldn’t you want someone to tell you if you had bad breath? Of course! Give your guy a heads up about what is going on in a kind and non-critical way. Don’t act like your breath doesn’t ever stink, either because it most certainly does! Everyone has bad breath problems from time to time, whether it’s a medical condition or simply because of something they ate. Have a laugh about it! Your guy isn’t going to get his feelings hurt unless you’re mean about the issue or unless he’s really, really super sensitive. Let him know that it’s not really that big a deal – just that you two need to fix it so you can kiss, make out and have sex whenever without having to worry about bad breath.

What Causes Bad Breath?

There are a lot of contributors to bad breath, and not all of them are just foods. Medical issues that can cause bad breath are cavities, infections in the teeth or gums and gum disease. Often, bad breath caused by these conditions is some of the worse bad breath that is out there! Vitamins, supplements and certain medications can also cause bad breath, as well as doing illegal drugs and smoking. Diseases such as diabetes can also contribute to or cause bad breath. If your partner suspects that his bad breath is a medical problem, have him speak to his doctor about things that can be contributing to his bad breath, such as medications or diseases. Your partner’s doctor can rule out any serious causes for his bad breath and even give him a few pointers on how best to handle it.

How To Handle It

Encourage your partner to have regular cleanings and to have cavities filled if they’re needed. Make sure your partner brushes at least twice daily and flosses once a day. You’ll be surprised at how big a difference these little things can make! Even skipping a six month cleaning with the dentist can contribute greatly to bad breath that can’t be fixed with gum or mouthwash. For things that can be fixed with gum and mouthwash, make sure you stock up on plenty of it! Keep it at home, in the car and in your purse so you always have it around. Lead by example and let your partner see how great your kisses can smell and taste! He’ll want to follow in your footsteps and get a minty fresh mouth of his own.

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