Q&A: Can A Woman Want Sex As Much As A Man?

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One social stigma that has stuck around for years is that men are sexually ravenous, while women don’t really have a sexual appetite at all. Is this true? Are men the only ones who want sex and women just go along with it to make their man happy or to have babies? Or can women want and enjoy sex as much as a man?

Question: Is it normal for a woman to have an insatiable sexual appetite, and to be able to separate sex from emotion like a man?

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Yes, Women Have Sex Drives

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Women, like men, have sex drives. She may desire different things than a man does sexually, such as more romance or different positions, but it is completely normal and even healthy for a woman to have a substantial sexual appetite. Some people do have a higher libido than others, but this is not related to gender in the least. Those with a low sex drive may be on certain medicines that affect libido, or may have emotional issues relating to sex. A healthy and even insatiable sexual appetite can be found in both men and women of all ages. Many years ago, women were taught that sex was “dirty” and a “wifely duty” – something that had to be done but was not to be enjoyed. Sex was not talked about during that time, because enjoying it was shameful and taboo. Men, however, were taught that women were sexual objects, to be used at their convenience. During that time, a woman’s sexuality was only recognized as existing solely to please a man. Since then, society has evolved into recognizing that women do, in fact, enjoy sex. However, it remains a myth that men have a greater sexual appetite than women.

Humans Are Sexual Beings

Every human being is a sexual being. Regardless of race, gender, sex, religion or sexual orientation, we all crave and enjoy sex. It’s the way our bodies were built. In fact, a woman’s clitoris exists only to provide her with pleasure. A clitoris does absolutely nothing else and it has no other purpose. Women were designed to enjoy sex, it’s as simple as that. Women also face the presumption that they are always emotionally attached to sex, while men have the ability to detach themselves from sexual pleasure to experience the pleasure only. Not all women have an emotional attachement to sex, and many women have sex simply for the physical enjoyment of it. Unfortunately, society still places stigmas on sex, especially on sex education and sexual enjoyment. As society grows and sex becomes less and less taboo, we will be able to express our sexuality freely and shed the social stigmas that have been forced upon both men and women.

Enjoying sex with your partner – and enjoying masturbation – is a normal and healthy part of any person’s sex life, whether you’re a guy or a gal. Having sex without an emotional attachment is also normal, and a great way to find sexual satisfaction without the emotional involvement of a relationship. Don’t be afraid to explore your sexuality to find out what you like and don’t like, and fully flesh out your sexual personality.

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