Q&A: Condoms – Magnum, Magnum XL, or XXL?


Finding the right size condom for your penis can be difficult, especially if you’re a little larger than average in girth or length. There are a variety of larger condoms available, but some are better for wider penises and others are better for penises that are longer. Also, you want to make sure that the condom isn’t too loose and still fits well around the base of the penis. Here’s how to measure your penis and find the right condom for you.

Question: Hey I have a question, since you said on one of your videos Magnum is wider and XXL is longer, what about Magnum XL?
Is that REALLY REALLY wide or is it the longer version of Magnum?

–YouTube Viewer


Magnum vs. Magnum XL vs. Durex XXL

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How do you tell which condom is the biggest or which condom is the longest? It’s not written right on the box, but here’s what Trojan has to say about the size differences between condoms. A Magnum condom is 15% larger than a standard condom. The Magnum XL condom is 30% larger than standard condoms. The Durex XXL is longer than both standard condoms and all Magnum condoms, but not as wide as the Magnum XL.

Width vs. Length

Most of the time, men who have a large penis feel uncomfortable in standard condoms because they feel too tight. This is usually a girth issue rather than a length issue, however, it’s possible to be both too wide and too long for standard condoms. Comfort, however, is not the only issue here. A condom that is too large may feel comfortable, but it is much more likely to slip off during sex and fail at protecting you and your partner from pregnancy and STD’s. Measure your penis and if your girth is below 5.5 inches, use a standard condom. If your girth is between 5.5 to 6 inches, use a regular Magnum condom. If your girth is 6 inches or more, use a Magnum XL. If your penis is exceptionally long, use a Durex XXL. Remember that for condoms to be effective, they must fit snugly at the base of the penis and maintain the semen reservoir at the top.

How Do You Measure Your Penis?

To accurately measure your penis to determine the correct condom size, get your penis as big as you can. You can do this with your partner or without, but it can certainly be more fun with a partner! If you have a fabric ruler (you can get them at sewing stores or at most superstores in the sewing and crafts section) you can use it, or you can also simply use a piece of string that is several inches long with a standard ruler. A tape measure may work to measure the length of your penis, but you won’t be able to accurately measure your girth with a tape measure. Wrap the string around your penis at the very widest part and mark where the string meets itself. Lay next to the ruler to find out how many inches wide your penis is. The same can be done for length. Take one end of the string and put it at the very base of your penis up against your groin and stretch the other end to the very tip of your penis. Measuring both the length and girth of your penis will help you find the best fitting condom for your penis size. In addition to getting the correct size condom, you can also grab a few of each style of condom and try them out to find out which one feels the best!

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