Q&A: Condoms – Should You Flush Them?


Disposing of a condom can be tricky. You want to be discreet about it, so putting it in the trash might make leave it visible to whoever uses the bathroom after you. Flushing it seems like a great idea, but can flushing a condom ruin the toilet or cause an overflow? Here’s why you shouldn’t flush a condom and how you can dispose of your condom properly.

Question: Can you flush condoms down the toilet???

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Flushing Condoms Is Tempting

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Of course flushing a condom down the toilet is tempting. It’s quick, easy and leaves absolutely no evidence behind! Instead of messing with a used condom after you’re done having sex, you simply slip it off, toss it in the toilet water and away it goes without a second thought. Flushing a condom down the toilet makes cleaning up after sex a breeze, right? Wrong! Flushing a condom down the toilet can cause a lot more problems than you originally bargained for.

Why You Shouldn’t Flush Condoms Down The Toilet!

Best case scenario, your condom goes down the toilet no problem and you never see it again. Of course, this doesn’t always happen. In fact, it actually rarely happens. A condom may not flush down the toilet the first time, and you may get stuck flushing over and over again only to watch the condom spin around the bowl in happy little circles. Of course, an even bigger problem is if the condom actually does go down the toilet and then comes back up…with everything else that is in the depths of the toilet. If you’re in your own house and aren’t trying to be discreet about having sex, this can be a definite inconvenience. However, if you’re trying to hide your condom and it comes bubbling up with the rest of the toilet contents, your cover is absolutely blown! And whoever you’re trying to hide your condom (and your safe sex) from is going to be even more mad that you caused the toilet to back up, on top of finding out that it was a condom that did it. Your condom may flush the first time and even the second time, but the more you flush your used condoms, the greater chance something not so great will happen afterwards. Not to mention that most condoms aren’t biodegradable and may end up choking some poor animal that thought it was lunch.

How To Properly – And Discreetly – Dispose Of A Condom

You may think that throwing condoms the trash isn’t discreet at all, but it can be if you do it right. It’s actually very simple. Wrap your condom in a wad of toilet paper or tissue and then throw it away. Usually, this looks like you’ve simply blown your nose in a wad of tissue and threw it away! Girls have been doing it for years and years with used female hygiene products such as sanitary napkins or tampons. If you really want to make sure no one will find your used condom, wedge your wad of toilet paper into the middle or bottom of the trash. Someone would really have to dig to find it and it’s extremely unlikely that whoever throws the trash out is going to want to get into that mess.

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