Q&A: Cracking Jokes And Talking During Sex


A lot of people find themselves cracking jokes or talking during sex. While sex is generally “supposed” to be hot, heavy and sexy, it can actually be funny too! Is cracking jokes, laughing or talking during sex wrong? Can doing it hurt your relationship with your partner if you talk or laugh too much?

Question: Cracking jokes during sex?? So, when I’m REALLY into it, I tend to ask him, “Am I your bitch?” To which he’ll be like, ‘Yes, yes! My horny ‘lil bitch!” (Damn this is horrible putting this out here) Anyways, I just randomly cracked up a few days ago RIGHT in the middle of going at it and said, “You get the whole bitch thing right? Yeah, cause I’m always presenting myself to you like a bitch in heat.” I swear he laughed, then smacked me on the asscheek. He also says I talk WAY too much during sex. How can I help that??

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Sex Is Supposed To Be Fun!

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One of the best things about sex is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you want it to be soft, slow and romantic or hard, fast and dirty, sex is all about what you make it to be. If you want sex to be fun and lighthearted, it can be that too! Sex is supposed to be a way to have fun, relieve stress and make you feel good and if you want to laugh, talk or crack a joke or two, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Of course, making sex out to be a complete joke won’t work for you or your partner though, so where do you cross the line?

Too Much Goofiness?

While it’s great to have fun during sex, laughing and making jokes can go too far if you let it. Are you always cracking jokes, or always laughing? Is sex ever serious or sexy for you? If not, you might want to try stopping the joke making, laughing and talking some of the time and try having a sweet love making session or a downright dirty one. It doesn’t matter which (or anything in between) as long as there’s no joking involved. Giving your partner a break from the laughing and joking and focusing just on the pleasure might be more incredible than you can imagine!

When One Of You Isn’t Into It

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with laughing and talking during sex. But if one of you isn’t into it, it gets old quick. You just can’t be sure if your partner is laughing at you or not and sometimes you just want sex to be sex instead of a joke. If your partner isn’t into the talking or making jokes during sex, it can damage your relationship and your partner’s sexual satisfaction if you keep it up. Think about why you’re laughing and making jokes all the time during sex. Are you unable to let go and fully enjoy sex? Are you trying to cover up for being uncomfortable or nervous during sex? If you can’t quit laughing and joking during sex (at least some of the time) it’s time to dig deep and figure out why.

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