Q&A: Do Girls Like Hairy Guys?


Sex with men who have a lot of hair on their bodies isn’t something every woman likes. Especially when a woman goes to give a man a blowjob – she doesn’t want to get a bunch of hair stuck in her teeth. But do all women hate men with hair on their bodies, or do some women enjoy hair on men or at least aren’t bothered by it?

Question: I have this question that is quite funny, you could say but its ridiculous also. Do girls like men with hair or prefer no hair? By hair, I dont mean on the head – I mean on the stomach, chest, back, legs and butt! Please help!

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It’s All About Personal Preference

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Everyone has different preferences when it comes to sex, and that includes the type of people you are sexually attracted to. Some women like other women, others like men, some enjoy g-spot stimulation, others enjoy clitoral orgasms. Still others like their men clean shaven while some women don’t mind if he’s covered in hair and looks like a sasquatch. In fact, she may just take a picture of him on their next camping trip and sell it to the tabloids claiming she’s found evidence of Bigfoot!

Whether a woman prefers hair on a man or not is entirely up to her personal preferences. There are women out there that hate hairy men, while many women like it or don’t care at all. In fact, many celebrities and characters in movies have promoted the hairy, “wolfy” look.

Finding Someone Compatible With You

If you don’t want to shave completely, for whatever reason, try to find someone who is compatible with you. Find someone that doesn’t mind a lot of body hair, or even better, a woman who is extremely turned on by it! Yes, there are women who feel like the hairier a guy is, the better. It’s all about finding someone who is compatible with what you like during sex and in a relationship, and is wants or needs what you have to offer.

Nobody Wants To Wade Through A Bush For Oral Sex

That said, there really are very few people that want to wade through a bush to give their partner oral sex, regardless of whether it’s a man or woman. While shaving down there can be painful for some fellas – especially for men who have very curly hair and are prone to ingrown hairs – it’s important not to overwhelm your lover with a face full of pubes. Also, completely shaving the genital area if you’re very hairy all over can look really weird. Another benefit to at least some kind of pubic hair maintenance is that the shorter the hair, the bigger the penis looks.

Grooming Options

Shaving is one option, but again, if you have hair all over your body, it’s going to look really strange if your penis and the surrounding area is completely bald. In this case – or if you just hate shaving – a nice trim is in order. While there are genital trimmers available on the market, there are several types of trimmers that will work well.

A hair trimmer with attachments that vary in length is something that almost every guy owns, and allows you to trim very close or leave yourself a little bit of length. A beard and mustache trimmer will work even better, because it’s smaller and easier to use on delicate areas.

Should You Change The Way You Look For A Girl?

If you really hate to shave, or if it hurts, don’t change the way you look or who you are for a girl. If you’re a man with a lot of body hair that is either dating, having sex or in a relationship with a woman who absolutely detests body hair, you probably weren’t a good match with her to begin with. You shouldn’t start shaving your entire body, or change who you are or what you look like just because she doesn’t like body hair. There are plenty of women out there that do.

This goes back to having enough confidence in yourself to not care so much what others think of you and being happy with who you are as a person and what you look like. If shaving yourself completely bald down there or all over makes you happy, go for it! Find someone who likes no body hair at all. If you don’t like to shave and enjoy having hair (it does keep a man warmer, after all), so be it! There IS someone out there that you’re compatible with.

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