Q&A: How Can I Get My Wife To Have Sex Every Day?


Having sex more often is a big issue among guys of every age, both married and unmarried. Many guys wish they were having sex more often with their wives, girlfriends or lovers and aren’t sure exactly how to make that happen. Here’s how you can get your wife to have sex with you every day – and get her to enjoy it.

Question: How can I get my wife to have sex every day?

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It’s not at all uncommon for two people to have mismatching sex drives and for one person in the relationship to want or need more sex than the other. Usually, this is not an issue but when you and your partner differ greatly on how often you want to have sex, it can pose a problem in the relationship. For example, if you want sex daily or every other day and your spouse or partner is content having sex weekly or even every couple of weeks, it’s easy to become frustrated with your partner. When starting a relationship with someone, it’s important to find out if you and your partner have at least somewhat similar sex drives because it’s all part of being sexually compatible and having a future of sexual satisfaction with your partner or spouse.

Make Sure She’s Enjoying It

If you want to make your partner want sex with you more often, the most important thing you can do is make sure you are pleasing your partner and she’s enjoying it. Often, the reason behind women not needing sex as often as a man does in a relationship is because she’s just not getting as much pleasure from it as you are. Focus on your partner’s pleasure and make sure she has enough time to relax and warm up. If your partner is stressed out or under a lot of pressure, she won’t be able to receive pleasure no matter how hard you try. Focus on giving her awesome orgasms, because if your partner or spouse consistently gets great orgasms every time you have sex with her, she’ll naturally start to want and crave sex with you more.

Female Orgasm Tips

Start brushing up on your knowledge about female orgasms by checking out some of the best female orgasm tips out there. Watch as many videos and read as many articles as you can to learn how to give your girlfriend or wife absolutely mind blowing orgasms. Learning some new techniques to use in the bedroom that your partner has never experienced before with you is well worth the time it takes to study up. Without something more to offer your partner in the bedrom, there’s no reason to expect her to have sex with you many more than she already does. Making sure you’re pleasing her and giving her great orgasms is your ticket to better sex and sex more often. In fact, when you start really giving her what she wants in the bedroom don’t be surprised if she starts initiating sex with you more often than you originally wanted to!

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