Q&A: I Feel Guilty If My Girlfriend Doesn’t Climax


Getting your girl to climax can be a huge turn on for you. But you don’t want her to orgasm just sometimes, you want her to have an orgasm every single time you have sex with her! Is this a realistic expectation? Do women have orgasms as often as men? Here’s how to increase your chances of giving your girl the big O – and whether you can expect her to be able to do it every time.

Question: My girlfriend and I are both 20 and my question to you two GURU’s are if feeling bad is natural after having sex IF my girlfriend does not orgasm? About 65 % of the time she does climax, but when she doesn’t, I feel as if I HAVE TO MAKE UP FOR IT. Is it normal for girls not to climax as much as guys?

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Men generally climax every time they have sex, but not always. Women, however, take longer to reach climax than guys and therefore may not have an orgasm every time. It may take her even longer to climax when she’s tired or stressed out, making it even more difficult for her to reach climax in a reasonable period of time. This is normal! A woman doesn’t have to have an orgasm each time she has sex to actually enjoy it – nor does a man. Don’t pressure to have an orgasm or hold out for a long time to wait for her to come. This will make it even harder for her to reach climax!

Communicate With Her

Talk to your partner and ask her what she’s in the mood for. She may want a quickie, or may be too tired to do anything at all! She may want to have sex but she may not feel up to having an orgasm. Let’s face it – having an orgasm is tiring! Don’t stress out about it if she doesn’t want to have an orgasm or even finds that she is unable to orgasm. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you or love you, and it certainly doesn’t mean she’s not enjoying sex with you. There are a lot of external reasons why a woman might not be able to climax at any given time. Communicate with her about how she’s feeling so you’re not left in the dark when she doesn’t have an orgasm.

The Best Ways To Give Her An Orgasm

Don’t assume that your penis is all she needs to reach the big “O.” In fact, many women find that vaginal penetration is the most difficult way to reach climax! Study up on some different ways to please your partner and put them into practice. Learn how to give her an orgasm using your mouth and your hands, and practice turning her on that way before you even start having sex! Some women will actually have multiple orgasms during sex if they’ve had one before sex through oral sex. If stress is her problem, try relaxing with her first and allowing her to de-stress from the day with a beer or a glass of wine. If being exhausted is her issue, try having sex in the morning before she goes to work for the day!

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