Q&A: Is It Good To Have Big ‘Lips’ or Labia?


Everyone’s bodies are different, whether we’re skinny, fat, short, tall, black, white or anything in between. But society supposedly shows us what is “beautiful” and what isn’t, leaving us wondering if we’re normal and beautiful. We’re constantly comparing our bodies to those of celebrities and good looking people, and it’s no different when it comes to our sexual body parts too. You may wonder if your unique genitalia are considered “normal” or pretty, and if they look like everyone else’s. What’s normal when it comes to a woman’s genitalia?

Question: Is it good to have big ‘lips’? (And she means labia)

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Labia come in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures and thicknesses. The wonderful thing about a woman’s genitalia is that each one is unique and no labia or clitoris looks exactly the same. A woman’s vulva is as unique as she is, and her labia might be smaller than her best friend’s but much bigger than her co-worker’s. Some women have very, very small labia or “lips” and other women might have very large labia. Regardless of what size, shape or color your labia are, they are unique to you and beautiful in their own way.

Learn To Love Yourself

Part of growing up is learning to love yourself for who you are and what you look like. Each person is beautiful and unique, and no one looks exactly like someone else. Even identical twins have something different and unique about themselves, even if it’s something small. While society will continue to bombard us with images of what they think we should look like and act like to be considered beautiful or popular, it’s time we stop looking to celebrities, movie stars and television stars to tell us what is beautiful and what isn’t. You are beautiful in your own way and it’s time we learn to love ourselves from the inside out.


Some people just aren’t happy with the way the look, or have some body parts that cause them pain or discomfort. Very large labia may make a woman feel unattractive, or it may be uncomfortable in very tight jeans or underwear. If you truly dislike the shape and size of your labia, a plastic surgery option would be labiaplasty. This procedure is usually performed with an IV sedative and is quick with moderate healing time. During a labiaplasty a qualified surgeon will remove the excess labia tissue to give you more even, smaller labia that are proportionate to the rest of your genitalia. If you are considering labiaplasty as an option, think about why you’re getting the surgery. Don’t get cosmetic or plastic surgery because you’re trying to please someone else or look like someone else. Make sure you’re choosing surgery for the right reasons. Ask yourself some questions. Are you wanting to have surgery because your long labia make sex or wearing some clothes uncomfortable? Does the current appearance of your genitalia make you unhappy and keep you from leading a happy, satisfied lifestyle? Make sure this is something you truly want to do for yourself and that it’s worth the money you’ll be spending.

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