Q&A: Is Sex Good For The Body?


Sex feels great, so it’s natural to wonder if sex does any more than just feel good. The good news is that it does! Sex can help just about every aspect of your life including physically, mentally and in your relationship. Here’s how great sex can be great for your body and why you need to start having more of it!

Question: Is having sex regularly good for the body?

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How Sex Benefits The Body

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Sex actually does lots of great things for your body! Not only does it feel good, but it will help make you healthier all the way around. Sex boosts the immune system and helps more oxygen travel to the brain when your heart starts pumping and your breathing gets faster and faster. By boosting the immune system, sex can help you fight off diseases like the common cold or the flu. Couples that have sex often are generally healthier and have to visit the doctor less. Very vigorous sex will burn lots of calories and work your thigh, leg and abdominal muscles even better than weightlifting reps at the gym! Many women have used regular, vigorous sex as a way to exercise and lose weight. Sex sends endorphins throughout the body that help relieve pain, including headaches. Forget using a headache as an excuse to getting out of having sex on a particular night! Sex can actually be a great cure for headaches. And of course, everyone knows that sex will help you sleep like a baby! Many men and women use sex instead of sleep aids to help them fall asleep faster and sleep deeper, so they feel refreshed and ready to go in the morning.

How Sex Benefits Your Relationship

Having sex often with your partner helps build an intimate sexual bond that carries throughout your relationship. You’ll feel closer to your partner even when you’re just hanging out. With regular sex, your attitudes will be better towards each other and you’ll fight less! Sex will also help improve your self esteem and help you to feel loved and emotionally close to your partner. Sex also relieves stress, so if you’re having a tough day at work, it’s a great way to “cool off” and relax. If you don’t feel like you have enough sex in your relationship, try as best you can to have sex more often. Sex will snowball and if you have more, you’ll start to want more. Having more sex increases your libido so you can have more sex!

How Sex Benefits You

So sex can boost your immune system and help you fight diseases, help you feel better about yourself and your relationship, and help make you healthier! Different sex positions can also help you lose weight! On top of all this, sex feels great and satisfies one of our basic desires as human beings. After all, humans are indeed sexual, no matter how society tries to suggest that we ought to hide it or pretend that we don’t want it or like it. So enjoy sex and have lots of it, because it will definitely improve your life in many more ways than you thought!

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