Q&A: Shaving – Should Men Trim Or Shave Completely?


Genital hygiene is a big issue for both men and women. Of course you want to be clean and fresh for your partner before sex, but what about pubic hair? Is it better to let it all grow wild or shave your genitals off bald? Or is it even better to do the in-between and use a trimmer for a close but still fuzzy trim? Here’s the downlow on pubic hair and whether to shave or not to shave.

Question: Should men trim or shave completely?

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What Is Your Personal Preference?

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Whether you shave your pubic hair, trim it with a trimmer or leave it completely hairy is completely a matter of personal taste and preferences. Of course, you want to think about your partner and their tastes and preferences too! If your partner doesn’t like giving a blowjob to a very hairy guy, consider giving yourself a trim or a shave. If your partner really digs your bush, let it grow. Also, do what is most comfortable for you. If your pubic hair is constantly getting caught in your zipper but your partner really likes a lot of pubic hair, consider a medium trim to still please your partner but also keep yourself from getting hurt!

The Benefits Of A Trim Or Shave

Even if you and your partner like it hairy, there are some definite benefits to trimming your pubic hair or shaving it off completely.  Hair easily traps sweat and bacteria, which can cause a strong odor. You can wash regularly, but the odor often tends to hang out if you’ve got a lot of hair. Men who trim their pubic hair short or shave it will notice that they have less of an odor down there, and almost none if they wash up often. Of course, the other benefits include not finding long, curly hairs everywhere when you’re peforming oral sex on your partner or when you’re cleaning up after sex.

Things To Think About

If you are hairy all over, with lots of chest hair and leg hair, it’s going to look a little strange if you have a completely shaved groin area. Men who are very hairy all over may find that a pubic hair trim looks a little more natural than a complete shave! Alternatively, if you are a very hairless man, shaving completely may look and feel better to you. Also think about how much time you are willing to spend on pubic hair maintenance. Do you have a lot of time to devote each week or even every few days to shave your genitals completely? If not, consider trimming because a quick trim can only take a few minutes each time and doesn’t have to be done as often as shaving.

If you’re really stuck deciding whether to shave, trim or be hairy, try them all and see which you like best! Ask your partner which she likes best when she’s giving you oral sex. You can always grow your pubic hair back after you shave it off, and you can always trim it down once it gets really hairy. Nothing is permanent when it comes to your pubic hair (even if you get it waxed off) and you can change your mind later if you decide you want a different look and feel down there.

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