Q&A: The Best Condoms of 2010


Condom shopping isn’t exactly easy. With literally hundreds of different styles, sizes and materials available, it can be really hard, so to speak, to find the right one for you and your partner. While we have our personal favorites, we went to the pros at Condom Depot for the answer to this question. So here are the world’s best condoms for 2010!

Question: What are the best condoms and the best flavors?

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The Truth About Flavored Condoms

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Flavored condoms, such as strawberry, mint or chocolate, are made to both taste and smell good. However, anyone who has ever used flavored condoms for oral sex will notice that these condoms taste a little bit like flavored plastic – because they are! Flavored condoms aren’t ever going to taste so great that you will want to eat them up, but they do make giving a blowjob a little nicer. Perhaps the best part about using a flavored condom is that they smell absolutely divine! If you’ve never tried a flavored condom before, don’t expect great things when you put it in your mouth. You and your partner will, however, really enjoy the different scents! Buy a sampler pack of different flavors so you can find the ones you and your partner like the best.

Crown Skinless Skin Condoms

Crown Skinless Skin Condoms, manufactured in Japan, is the clear winner of Condom Depot’s 9th Annual Condom Awards. In fact, this particular condom has won first place all nine years in a row! This condom is favored by the adult film industry and is tinted a slight pink that makes it look like you have nothing on. The best part? They’re so thin, you don’t even feel like you have anything on! This condom clocks in at a mere 0.00185″ and is officially the thinnest condom available. Plus, no latex smell!

Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms

Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms have ranked second place in the Condom Depot awards, however, it actually ranked first place five years in a row in the Consumer Report. This is Durex’s thinnest condom, and is made to help both partners feel more sensations during sex than any other condom made by Durex. The official thickness of Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms are 0.019.” Even though this condom takes second place in the awards, it is actually about 10 times thicker than Crown Skinless Skin Condoms!

Beyond Seven Condoms

Made by the same company that manufactures Crown Skinless Skin Condoms, Beyond Seven Condoms rank third place in the 9th Annual Condom Awards by Condom Depot. This condom is made from a special latex material called “Sheerlon” and are made thinner and stronger than most condoms. They’re the same thickness as Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms, but they’re a tad narrower at the top to fit the penis like a glove.

LifeStyles SKYN Condoms

For those with latex allergies, it’s time to chuck your non-stretchy and irritating polyurethane condoms. LifeStyles SKYN Condoms are made from a revolutionary new material called “polyisoprene” and is thin and can stretch to accommodate different penis sizes just like latex. It is thinner than polyurethane condoms and transfers heat unlike latex. This condom has been FDA approved to help prevent pregnancy and the transmission of STD’s so if you’re allergic to latex but still want great feeling protection, try LifeStyles SKYN Condoms.

Impulse Bare Pleasure Condoms

Impulse Bare Pleasure Condoms are ribbed for her pleasure, so sex ends up feeling great for both him and her. A two time Condom Depot Annual Condom Award winner, this condom is very popular among fans of textured condoms. This condom, however, is considered “average” in size, but will stretch to accommodate a variety of penis sizes. Impulse Bare Pleasure Condoms also offer a low latex odor for people who just don’t like that “condom” smell.

These are only the top five best condoms in the world – the list goes on! Visit Condom Depot to learn more about the best condoms of 2010 as determined by the 9th Annual Condom Depot Annual Condom Awards. You’ll find many more condoms on the “best of 2010 list,” including condoms for larger sized men. Condom Depot is actually an excellent website for finding the best condoms to use, because you can search for condoms several different ways, including by condom manufacturer, style or size. Each condom on the website includes a picture of the actual condom, size specifications (including how thick it is) and actual consumer reviews for each condom.

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