Q&A: What Are Some Ways To Increase Sperm Count?


If you and your partner are having sex and trying to get pregnant, you might be worried about your sperm count. Do you have enough sperm? Should you try to increase the quantity of your sperm? There are things you can do to help increase your sperm count with very little effort on your part. Here’s what you can do if you want the maxiumum amound of little swimmers.

Question: I heard that by eating certain foods you can increase your sperm count. What are those foods, and what other ways can I increase my sperm count?

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Eliminate Toxins

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While there’s no “magic food” you can eat to increase your sperm count, there are several lifestyle changes you can make that will help keep your sperm count at maximum levels. Start by eliminating any recreational or illegal drugs from your life, and try to cut back or quit smoking cigarettes if you smoke. Don’t drink alcohol often if at all, and talk to your doctor about which perscription drugs may be effecting your sperm count levels. There may be some medicines that you’re taking that will decrease your sperm count and eliminating these medicines (if possible) can help raise your sperm count. Remember to never discontinue taking a medicine your doctor has prescribed without discussing it with them first. Also, try to eliminate other toxins from your diet by eating fresh, whole foods and avoiding processed foods.

Let The Boys Breathe

Sperm don’t like extreme heat, so very hot baths, showers and hot tubs can easily decrease your sperm count. Take cooler showers and avoid taking baths or getting in the hot tub while you’re trying to get your partner pregnant. Also, tight underwear such as briefs and boxer briefs can lower your sperm levels because they hold your scrotum closer to your body and keeping sperm at a higher temperature. Try switching to loose, freeflowing boxers to allow your scrotum to stay at a temperature that maximizes sperm production.

Have Less Sex And Masturbate Less

To make sure each ejaculation is loaded with as much sperm as possible, try having sex and masturbating less often than you currently do. Frequent masturbation and frequent sex can lower sperm count because your body doesn’t have time to produce enough sperm in between ejaculations. Another way to increase your sperm count is to try to reduce your stress levels. Relax, get a massage or listen to music when you’re stressed. Try to eliminate stressful situations from your life as much as possible. If you have any questions about your sperm levels, your current medications or other ways you can increase your sperm count, visit your doctor. Your doctor is the best person to give you medical advice, based on your current health condition. If you continue to have trouble getting your partner pregnant, you can also make an appointment to visit a fertility clinic and have an analysis done on your sperm. Try making some lifestyle changes first – it’s free and may solve your problem without the time and expense spent going to a fertility clinic.

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