What To Keep In Mind – And In Your Purse – If You’re Single


Safe sex is the best kind of sex, especially if you’re single. Many single women aren’t ready to get pregnant and have a baby, and nobody wants to contract a sexually transmitted disease or infection like chlamydia or HIV and AIDS. If safety is on your checklist for great sex, here are some things you may want to keep in your purse in case you get caught in an an impromptu situation and want the freedom to have safe sex if you’d like to.


Keeping condoms in your purse may seem like a no-brainer, but many women end up getting caught in impromptu sex situations unprepared. Condoms protect against pregnancy and most STD’s. Although condoms aren’t foolproof, they’re the best sex accessory if you want to have fun and safe sex without having to worry about getting pregnant when you’re not ready or contracting a sexually transmitted disease or infection that is at best inconvenient and at worst life threatening. You may also want to keep flavored condoms in your purse in the event of oral sex. When keeping condoms in your purse, don’t throw them in there unless they’re in a protective sleeve or case first. Putting condoms in your purse loose can cause the wrapper or condom to get holes in it when all of the stuff in your purse bounces around during daily use. Guys shouldn’t put condoms in their wallet, because this can cause condoms to break down faster due to temperature issues. Condoms should be kept clean and dry and at room temperature to stay effective. Always inspect the wrapper first to check for holes or damage, and make sure you check the expiration date if you’ve had it for awhile.


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Some couples don’t like using spermicide for pregnancy protection, but it can be an excellent option if you’re with an STD free partner and don’t want to use condoms, but still want protection from unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. Spermicide is also a great option for women or couples who want another layer of protection in addition to condoms or birth control – or both. Spermicides come in many different forms, some that are more convenient than others. Contraceptive foam is the least expensive, but may burn or cause discomfort for you or your sex partner. Suppositories are good options because they are small and easy to carry, but your partner will most likely know that you’ve used spermicide. The newest type of spermicide on the market is a contraceptive film. It is a thin, clear square that looks like plastic and is folded up and placed in the vagina behind the cervix. It takes about ten to fifteen minutes, but the film will “melt” and create a gel-like barrier of spermicide in front of the cervix. They can be kept in a purse or wallet and can be used discreetly without your partner knowing you’ve used it.

Birth Control

If you’d like to take pregnancy protection into your own hands, consider going on birth control if you’re not already on it. Talk to your doctor about the right kind of birth control for you and how to take it so it is most effective against unplanned pregnancies. Birth control doesn’t protect against STD’s, so if you’re with a new partner, make sure you’re using a condom as well. Plan-B, or emergency contraception, is a good thing to keep on hand as well, in case a condom breaks or you miss too many birth control pills.

Dental Dam

A dental dam is a small square of latex or plastic that is laid over the vagina during cunnilingus to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Contrary to popular belief, there are many STD’s that can be transmitted through oral sex on a woman including chlamydia and yeast infections. Keeping a dental dam in your purse will ensure that you’ve got it if you need it – for example, you’d like a new partner to perform oral sex on you but he won’t do so without the necessary safe sex tools. Many women believe that using a dental dam is less pleasurable than feeling the tongue itself, but you can closely mimic this feeling by putting a dab of lube underneath the dental dam, in between the latex and the clitoris. This allows the dental dam to slide around on the vagina, much like a tongue or mouth would. Many dental dams come in flavors, making it much much more pleasurable for the partner giving the oral sex.

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