2 Phenomenal Ways To Have EXPLOSIVE Sex!


Sex can be boring or it can be incredible – and most people prefer the latter. Here are two simple suggestions to make sex absolutely UNFORGETTABLE!

Let’s face it. For most men, sex is something that can give him pleasure, anytime, anywhere. Men are just turned on visually and can head into intercourse right away. For women, it is a different proposition altogether. If you want to spice up your sex life and satisfy her, you need to fulfill her emotional needs first. It can be a challenge, but not exactly a tall order. You just need to do things a little differently to tease out the wild side in her. Keen to learn more? Great! Keep reading for 2 tips to take your sex life up a sexy notch!

1. Titillate Her Sensory Awareness

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Women have this inherent ability to amp up their alternate sensory awareness when one of their senses is inhibited. For instance, when you blindfold her, her sense of touch, smell and hearing will suddenly become amplified. You can use this to your advantage and create a sensual build-up or anticipation during sex. She will try hard to hazard a guess what you are going to do next, or which part of her body you are going to venture upon. Her sense of touch will become doubly sensitive when she cannot see, so pay your attention to those sensuous spots where she normally loves to be touched. These will send her temperatures racing very quickly.

2. Ask And You Shall Be Given!

When it comes to sex, there are simply a thousand and one things you can try, but most men simply stick with doing what they THINK their women will like. Chances are, there is a lot more things she likes you to do to her that you are not even aware of. While most women are passive during sex and accepts whatever their partners serve up in bed, if you do make the effort to ASK her, you would be surprised by the things you will LEARN about her! When she knows that you care about what she truly wants and seek to deliver these, you would have fulfilled her key emotional needs.

This is what you can do: ask her to write down 3 things she would like you to do to her during sex. It can be the type of foreplay she wants; the position she prefers or the role play she fantasizes about. Then go down the list and grant her wishes. The freshness and excitement of what you are going to give her will make sex truly out-of-this-world for her, as it will for you!

The key to having great sex is to make time to learn new things to do with each other in bed. She will be erotically and emotionally fulfilled, and you will be amply rewarded with wondrous sex you never had imagined!

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