5 Mistakes That Will Make Him Never Want To Have Sex With You Again


Sex can be really fun, and it can also be really lame. If you’re a bad lay, he may not want to get in your pants ever again. Are you making these mistakes?

We live in a society where stereotypically men always want sex, will do anything for sex and will never say no to sex. But, that is not always the case. Many factors can affect why a guy isn’t in the mood at a certain time. But, if you guys have sex once and then he doesn’t want it again, then girl you messed up.

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The old saying goes, no sex is bad sex. True, and guys will more then likely have a roll with you but if that first sexual encounter with you was so bad, the chances of him ever wanting more are slim. Below are a few examples that might explain why he wants nothing to do with you.

What She Said

1. You Are Terrible In Bed

As a women its super difficult for us to be horrible in bed, but it can happen when we go to bed with a guy and do nothing. Did you just lay there and let him do all the work? Did you let him make all the moves and just go along with it? Did you refuse to give him a blowjob or get on top? Mostly importantly were you enthusiastic?

Guys love it when girls make moves and show interested and get excited about having sex. So if you just sort of laid there and took it with out so much of a peep, blowie or smile then you are a pretty bad lay.

2. You Are A Drill Seargeant

There is nothing wrong with a woman who knows what she likes in bed but there are times (like the first time you sleep with a guy) where you should let him figure things out. Do not shout directions at him nor make him feel like he is doing something wrong. Let him play and give him time to show you the moves he has brought to the table. Now if he does start doing something you like a lot, let him know you liked it! Its also ok to politely tell him in a whisper voices what you want him to do with his hands. Just don’t yell at him.

3. You Refuse To Try New Things During Sex

No one likes a party pooper. It’s like the age old saying goes, “Open your legs, Open your mind.” Ok, so I just made that up but its still relevant.

4. You Have Super High Expectations

This is the “50 Shades of Grey” phenomenon. Just because you are reading about fantastic sex from a sexy dominating billionaire, doesn’t mean that a guy is going to have all the moves and toys to bring you to orgasm just by shacking you to a bed and electro shocking you. And WHY would you want that?

5. You Remind Him Of His Mother

Enough said.

What He Said:

1. Making Him Do All The Work

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been with a woman who simply got naked and said “Okay! Time for you to begin dispensing the orgasms.” Great sex is not solely the responsibility of one party. It’s a team sport. If your partner isn’t up to your level, you don’t worry about it, you just bring them up to your level.

Kobe Bryant demands excellence of anyone he plays basketball with. You should do the same of your lovers, but keep in mind Kobe just doesn’t demand excellence of his teammates, he facilitates it. He gives them points, spends extra time in practice with them, goes over game footage with them. He heavily invests in his teammates success. You’ll need to do the same with your lovers if you want results. Making him do the work and just expecting him to rock your world is a recipe for disaster.

2. Giving Him Bad Feedback

It’s totally fine to tell a guy to not do something. But the feedback has to be properly formatted. Simply put it should be “do this, not that.” But ideally it would be “what you did was great, you know what would be even better? Is if you tried doing this instead.” A huge mistake is if you’re always tell him what he’s doing is bad or wrong and then never telling him what you want him to do instead.

3. Attaching Emotion Too Soon

Sometimes sex is just sex. Other times it’s lovemaking. Sometimes booty calls can turn into love affairs. Sometimes not. Forcing it to be more than it is or forcing it to change from one or the other is no bueno.

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