The Female Libido Exposed


The female libido is a touchy subject – just what exactly is the female libido? Is it the same as a sex drive? How does it function, and what happens if someone has a high libido or a low one? Here are the answer’s to the questions you’re asking about the female libido, and answers to the questions you didn’t think to ask! Everything you want to know and more about the female libido and more is here – so read on!

What Is The Female Libido?

Libido refers to a person’s sex drive, and both men and women have a libido. Not surprisingly, a male libido is quite different from a female libido! (What isn’t different about men and women?) The one thing that is similar about a female libido and the male libido is that people can have high, moderate or low libidos, or sex drives, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman. Typically, a man’s libido is highest when he’s in his late teens and early twenties, while a woman’s libido is highest when she gets a little older, typically early 30’s to 40’s. If you don’t fit inside this box though, don’t worry. Everyone is different!

Is My Libido Too Low?

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Lots of things can affect a female libido – everything from outside factors such as stress, emotional issues and even childhood issues to medication and exercise. A change in your libido can be surprising – you may not have necessarily had much sexual desire before, only to suddenly find yourself interested in sex at every turn, or you may experience a lowering in your libido where you used to crave sex a fair amount of the time and now it seems uninteresting to you. If you feel your libido is low, take a look at the factors in your life that could have an effect on it. Are you on any medications that could lower your sex drive? Are you eating, sleeping and exercising enough? Are you going through tough emotional times? All of these things can lower your libido, and you might find that a combination of them are wreaking havoc on your sex life.

Increasing Female Libido

If your libido is low, female libido enhancers can help you to experience a more natural and healthy sex life that is enjoyable for both you and your partner. Even if you are experiencing issues that are lowering your sex drive, female libido enhancers can help counteract those issues and increase female libido and give you your sex drive – and your life – back! Some libido enhancers are herbal formulas and other formulas in pill form, and can change the levels of hormones in your body, increasing your sex drive. Other libido enhancers are put directly on the vagina, helping to alleviate vaginal dryness that women with low libidos experience, as well as dilating the blood vessels in the area to make the area more sensitive and responsive to touch. Some of the best female libido enhancing formulas are a combination of both pills and external creams or gels, and can help increase your sex drive in a way you never thought possible.

Female libidos differ from person to person and can change throughout your life, especially if you have circumstances around you that are affecting your sex drive. If you have a low female libido, you don’t have to live that way – there are many female libido enhancers on the market that can help you to experience a better, more fulfilling and satisfying sex life and help you feel like yourself again!

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