Sex During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?


Sex during pregnancy is a touchy topic. Pregnant women may be afraid that rough sex will hurt the baby, while men may be just plain weirded out by the idea of sharing his sacred space with another being. So will sex during pregnancy hurt an unborn child, or do you have the green light to make like rabbits until the baby’s born?

Body Changes During Pregnancy

A woman’s body goes through huge changes while she is pregnant and everything feels different. Her breasts may hurt, her vagina may feel swollen or she may feel too tired to have sex at all. On the other hand, she may be rearing and ready to go! She may be more aroused than you’ve ever seen her before and it will be all you can do to keep her from tackling you when you walk in the door. A woman’s vagina will increase the amounts of lubrication it produces during pregnancy, and may make sex feel better for both you and her than before she got pregnant. Some women who have never had orgasms before or have struggled having multiple orgasms report that they were able to while they were pregnant simply because of the increased blood flow to the vaginal area. So sex can be great during pregnancy, but is it safe for the baby?

Don’t Worry About The Baby

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During the first trimester, the baby is small enough that pretty much no amount of thrusting is going to harm it or dislodge it from its comfy surroundings. The second and third trimesters are a different story, but not because the baby is in any real danger. The bigger a woman’s belly gets during pregnancy, the harder it can be to find sex positions that are comfortable and pleasurable for both you and your partner. As far as physically hurting the baby goes, it’s pretty much impossible in a healthy pregnancy. The amniotic sac and uterine muscles protect the baby regardless of which stage of pregnancy she’s in. The baby will definitely feel movement and may even enjoy it (say, being rocked to sleep) but you’re not going to poke its eye out with your penis.

When NOT To Have Sex During A Pregnancy

That said, there are some instances in which you should avoid having sex while you’re pregnant. First off, if your doctor says no sex, it really means NO SEX! Your doctor has his or her reasons for putting a stop to sex during your pregnancy and they’re to keep your baby safe. Usually, this happens if there’s something going on in the pregnancy that isn’t normal. For example, if you have a history of premature babies or going into labor early, you may want to avoid rough sex or sex at all. If your water has already broken or you are experiencing bleeding, definitely don’t have sex and see your doctor right away. If you’re concerned that it might not be safe for you to have sex with your partner during pregnancy, ask your doctor. He or she can either put your fears about sex during pregnancy to rest or let you know that you really do have something to be concerned about.

Sex Positions To Use When You’ve Got A Big Belly

Sex during the second and third trimesters is tricky, because your growing belly can definitely get in the way. Finding sex positions that are better for pregnancy isn’t hard, but it can require some experimentation. Doggy style is a favorite of many pregnant couples, but can be painful if he thrusts too hard. You can also try woman on top or spooning, which keeps your belly out of the way but still allows you to experience pleasure from sex.

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