Sex: Physical Vs. Emotional And Why You Need To Know The Difference


Sex has several facets to it, but the biggest two are the physical side of sex and the emotional side of sex. Here’s why YOU need to understand the difference. Every time sex is on the table, two elements come in focus – there’s a PHYSICAL and a PSYCHOLOGICAL-EMOTIONAL side.

One is not more important than the other, and they are not mutually exclusive. But for our purposes here, we shall treat them as if they were.

One Side Of Sex Vs. The Other

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Physical sex refers to those luscious lips you long to kiss, that pair of erect nipples on a horny woman’s heaving bosom and that firm body you long to be on top of.

Psychological-Emotional sex can refer to many things. Since sex stands on an interactional and symbolic basis, the issues of self-esteem, self-control, self-concept, self-confidence, dominance and sexual hang-ups come in. Also included are the feelings for the person you’re with, or the lack thereof. It’s your perception of the relationship, is it a one-night stand or a long-term thing?

The Difference Between Men And Women When It Comes To Sex

Men are naturally dialed to the physical. Huge breasts. Tight ass. And of course—a freak in bed, willing to try every silly trick in the book. Still, it doesn’t mean the psychological-emotional issues never come in. One can’t escape them – whether one likes it or not, both sides come into play every time.

Women dig the Psychological-Emotional, and for many, sex presupposes an emotional connection. Not necessarily the “I’m so gonna marry this guy” feeling, but at least a feeling of closeness and comfort. Barring the effects of alcohol, many won’t sleep with a guy unless they feel something. “I’m not that kind of girl,” they’d say.

But that’s not alluding to women never looking at the physical – your girl  is much hornier than you think. They do get it on, and when they get going, they REALLY get going. They absolutely lust for and look at the physical – “He’s got to have blue eyes, a captivating smile and a tongue that won’t quit.”

You can say that women are plugged to both physical & psychological aspects. They know that the best sex is when it’s with someone they really care about. Eve knows that having a warm body on top of her, caressing places where-the-sun-don’t-shine, is physically rewarding, but when it’s done by the person she’s really into, it becomes more intense – a lot more! That’s the psychological-emotional part talking right there.

Combining The Two Together To Become Great At Sex

Get this: Getting laid in the most ecstatic and unbelievable manner will always involve the recognition of the 2 sides. The greatest encounters cannot unfold by virtue of only the physical. The psychological-emotional is a big, big chunk of the game and overlooking it deprives one the full continuum of pleasures.

To become a great lover, one cannot miss the emotional train and purely take a physical stance. Many women, probably the majority, get satisfaction not mainly through the physical but from its emotional underpinnings. Emotions are a big hit to your girl; she is literally a slave to them.

Thus, what you accomplish in her emotionally reinforces what you accomplish physically. You may not really be a blast when it comes to sex techniques and fanfare, but you will still rock her world if she’s really that into you – (her brain will think so.)

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