Sex Secrets For Men – Unlock The Secrets To Giving Her Wild, Pulsating Sex (97% Of Men Are Clueless)


What are the sex secrets for men? Look, if you are reading this article with the hopes of learning about the best sex position, the best way to give her G-spot orgasms or great oral sex tips to seduce your girl, then I would advise you not to read further. Why? Well, if you are looking for ways to improve your sex life, these things will not help you a bit.

When it comes to having great sex, there is no sneaky trick you can pull out of your bag. It is all about the fundamentals, the basics of sex, mindsets, so to speak. If you get this right, believe me, your enjoyment in sex will increase multiple folds.

The Paradox Of Man’s Greatest Strength

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Most men are focused on results. We are by nature very action-oriented. Results are what we care about; the end goal, so to speak. We set targets in the boardroom and get things done. Sadly the same mentality carries over to the bedroom:

(a) undressing yourself and her

(b) begin intercourse

(c) reach an orgasm (you NOT her)

(d) end of sex

So where does this perpetual male strategy leave a woman? Empty, unfulfilled, disappointed. You see, for women, sex is not so much about the end goal per se. They really care more about the journey; how you arrive at the end goal. Women love to savor the sexual experience moment-by-moment, from foreplay all the way to intercourse.

Getting The Foundations Right

You see, sex would be a monotonous and lackluster affair if you use sex techniques without a proper understanding of how and why they work on women. Think about this: What makes a great lover in bed, a Don Juan who can seduce and bring any woman to the elusive heights of sexual ecstasy? It is not the repertoire of techniques he has learned, but the way he USES them.

Many men make the terrible mistake and assume that women are aroused the same way as they are. Men are visually stimulated; women are not. Men can reach a climax within 2 minutes; women need at least a good 15 minutes on average to reach orgasm. Women need good old-fashioned love, affection and attention to detail.

Read that again. This means the way you touch her, the way you seduce her verbally, the mood you bring into the lovemaking, all play vital roles in your sex life.

Do You Know Her Emotional Underpinnings?

For men, sex is a physical thing. For women, emotions carry huge weight. This means you should never grope her right away. You need to value how she feels and make sure you connect with her at an emotional level. It is all well worth your time, because when you give her an amazing time in bed (and mind-tingling orgasms to boot!), you will be rewarded with much more from her!

So make her feel wanted and appreciated. This means when you kiss her, look into her eyes and run you fingers down the back of her spine. Spend quality time on slow, tantalizing foreplay and you will build up her sexual anticipation in a hurry. When you penetrate her, acknowledge her presence and ask if that feels great for her. Above all, be a man and focus on her needs exclusively FIRST. You will emerge a far better lover, one that she will be proud to brag to her friends the next morning!

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