3 Dirty Sex Secrets Men Must Know – REVEALED!


Sex tips are commonly found by guys who are looking, but the ultra-awesome sex tips that really work are often kept secret. But we’re revealing them!

Are you having a hard time bringing your girl to a delightful orgasm every time you make love? You would be surprised how simple it is to give her the best sex of her life. While it takes less for men to reach a climax during sex, it is an entirely different matter with the ladies. To allay your fears of your girl feigning her orgasms all along, make sure you give her the real deal, with no ordeal! Here’s how to bring your lover to a climatic, heart-thumping experience every time you have sex!

1. Dirty Talk!

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Words are your best ally in making her lust for you. Combine both dirty talk and romantic words to produce a potent effect on her. With your well-chosen words, you can make her boil with anticipation way before you even set a finger on her. How do you do this? Simply let her know the things you like about her, particularly about her body and sexuality. Admit with no hesitation how well she switches on your buttons! She will be blushing and turning hotter every minute.

2. Touch Her Everywhere

You should pay attention to her entire body – shoulders, ears, back, hair, between her breasts, inner thighs, forearms and her other hot spots. She will love it when you hold her hand tightly. Treat her as if she was the most precious person in your life. It will heighten the excitement and her sense of pleasure. Whenever possible, look into her eyes longingly.

It will bring both of you closer and heighten the whole sexual experience. Follow up the touches with massages and gentle caresses to help her relax even more. Try to be as natural as possible. Your moves should come across as smooth and gentle. Your patient foreplay and gentleness will build her trust in you. Your passionate and loving touches will seal her trust for you.

3. Appreciate And Tease Your Girl!

Women love to be appreciated. Unlike men, women often cannot separate the act of love with their surroundings and greatly attach emotional intimacy to lovemaking. Therefore, take advantage of that by playing the part well. Be that “one in a million” great lover and surprise her and build up her excitement even more. Try to give attention to her “non sexual” parts as well; this will catch her off-guard and fill her to the brim with excitement and desire.

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