3 Juicy Tips That Will Drive Her Wild In Bed!


Sex tips are helpful when trying to give a girl an orgasm, but many guys fall short of this. Check out these three strategies to make her insane with pleasure!

There is a difference between having good sex and enjoying amazing sex. Good sex is one that gives you that pleasurable feeling of being erotically fulfilled. Amazing sex, on the other hand, involves more intense lovemaking and evokes tantalizing moments of hot passion that is truly unforgettable.

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It is clear which kind of sex men and women would love to have. If you want to ignite sizzling fireworks in her, there are a few simple tips that will bring a whole new level of excitement into lovemaking that both you and her will truly enjoy and savor. Try these for good measure!

Discover Her Body Before Sex

Lovemaking will soon become a humdrum affair if you let things stay the way it is today. But you can bring her to the heights of sexual ecstasy even without engaging in any sexual intercourse. In fact, it is better that you enjoy each others’ bodies without penetration. The key lies in bringing your imagination to the forefront and getting a little naughty and provocative, if you will.

Bring on some “erotic aids” to the bedroom – chocolate body paint, blindfolds, feathers, massage oils, handcuffs etc. Use these to discover and explore her body and bring her to a suspended state of ecstasy though playful teasing. Many couples reported that they had the most sensational sex just through this journey of erotic discovery!

The “Fantasy Box”

Every woman has her own ideas and fantasies about the perfect sex – one that she is probably too shy to bring it out into the open. To keep her on the erotic edge all the time, ask her to write down her fantasies on one of those small post-it pads. Drop them into a small box and tug it away in your bedroom. Every now and then, when you want to sizzle things up, just dip into the box, retrieve one of these and relive her fantasies on the spot!

Sexy On The Outside Means Sexy On The Inside

Know what is the easiest way to hike up her sexual desires? Make her feel sexy about her body! Many women feel somewhat shy or even conscious about their endowments and body contours. Get into a bubble bath with her and give her some erotic massage on her back.

Buy her some sexy lingerie, put them on for her and compliment the way she looks. The soft silky feel of the lingerie on her skin and the words you speak to her can make her feel a lot sexier and help her loosen her own inhibitions in the sack. Well, when she starts feeling a little naughty, you will be in for some fireworks for the night!

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