3 Raunchy Secrets To Explosive Sex!


Sex can be mediocre, or it can be INCREDIBLE! Here are three nasty, naughty secrets that will make sex better than ever! She will LOVE this!

The idea of knowing your woman is enjoying genuine sexual pleasure and shouting your name with orgasmic glee is simply unsurpassed. If you want to be one of the lucky men who have their women’s happiness (and faithfulness) at their fingertips, read on to discover 3 tips on making you her only man – in bed and out of it!

1. Memorize Her Body

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If you want to master anything, you have got to start by learning it. Memorize the location of her G-spot. Many chaps likewise fail to touch the clitoris in the proper manner. The only way you could satisfy her is by familiarizing yourself with her body. Touch her as often as possible and enjoy and appreciate how she reacts to your every move.

You might be surprised with the simple things that turn her on. More importantly, learn to enjoy lovemaking. It is not a race or a competition. So don’t hurry! Most women love a slow, sensuous build up in sex. Believe me, once you get her in the right mood, she will achieve an orgasms faster than you would probably imagine!

2. Drop The Same Ol’ Habit

If you are sick with the same old routine at your work, how more sick could your girl be with the same sex patterns? Test various positions and watch carefully for the slightest reactions from her. Women all have their adventurous side, so you better change your moves.

Try out various sex positions and see which one produces the best effect on your lady. Your woman would like your guts and be more adventurous herself! The more things you try out, the more you’ll get closer to a happier and satisfied relationship.

3. Stimulate Her MIND!

If you think arousal is only a matter of the body, you are wrong. Arousal involves the mind as well. Sexual intercourse would be more passionate if your minds and hearts connect as well as the body. What’s lovemaking without words of love? Words, as with many other aspects of life, are powerful. In fact, there are times when all it takes is a single word to make her go from lukewarm to burning hot.

It is truly a skill to know how to bring your woman to an orgasm using your words, so start learning how to do so! If you learn to seduce her mind before and during sex, it will amp up the level of enjoyment for the both of you!

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