3 Things NOT To Do After Sex


Sex is fun, but what do you do when you’re done getting it on? Roll over and go to sleep? Talk? Cuddle? Run for the hills? Here’s what NOT to do after nookie!

Don’t Make Him Lose His Orgasm Buzz

Everything that you do in bed, before, during and after intercourse, all matter and contribute to whether or not your man enjoyed himself to his fullest potential. If you even do something that turns him off in the slightest bit, chances are that is the only thing he is going to focus on. There could be a million positive things that you were able to achieve in the bedroom with him – like crazy awesome sex positions – but if you do one thing that rubs him the wrong way, that is going to be the one thing he remembers.

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The turn offs that affect him the most usually come on after sex. After nookie is when women start winding down and maybe saying or doing stuff that they don’t mean. This is not a time to shut off the charm and shut down in the bedroom. What you do afterwards is important and affects your man tremendously. You don’t want to ruin the moment by doing something stupid do you? You don’t want to ruin his buzz by doing something that you are later going to regret do you? This is why you need to learn how to behave in the sexiest way possible to keep that orgasm buzz alive and well.

There is so much sexy stuff to do after getting it on that will help him to marinate in that moment and relish in it for just a little longer but that is not what we are focused on. You know what is sexy after sex but what you don’t know is what ISN’T. There are 3 rules for how NOT to behave after sex that all women must learn and you are going to get that insight right now.

1. Don’t Ask Him Questions

Right now, your man’s body and mind are starting to shut down. An orgasm takes a lot out of a man and leaves him feeling very weak. He is tired and starting to fall asleep. The last thing he wants or needs is you sitting beside him asking him a million questions. NEVER ask your man right after sex how it was for him or if he liked it. If he is lying beside you, breathing heavily and sweating then let that image speak for itself. Learn to garner some confidence within yourself and trust in your abilities to please your man. Trust in the fact that he did love it and don’t bother asking for reaffirmation. You know how annoying that is when he does it and how much of a buzz kill that is. Don’t do the same and follow suit. Instead, look over at your man in his sweaty glory and know that is all because of you.

2. Don’t Cuddle Immediately

Of course, it is natural for women to want to cuddle after sex and to feel that close bond intensified. However, men don’t feel the same way. Right now, his body temperature is off the charts and all he wants is to cool down. He doesn’t want your warm body on his warm body right way. He is going to need a minute to collect, maybe use the washroom, grab a drink and then he might want to cuddle, but it is okay if he doesn’t. Don’t take this personally if your man doesn’t want to cuddle after intercourse. You wouldn’t want someone as equally hot and sweaty to roll over on top of you if you were feeling light headed and out of breath, right? So, be a strong woman and don’t cuddle up to him right away. Stroke his thigh, or his chest and leave it at that until he makes the move to cuddle up to you.

3. Don’t Critique Him!

This is the biggest rule of them all that women need to learn in regards to behaving after sex. The last thing you want to do to your man is completely shatter his buzz. If he did something during sex that you didn’t like or that didn’t feel good, now is not the time to give him the rundown on what he did wrong. Leave this talk until the next time you both get intimate or sometime over the course of the following day.

Drop it for tonight and deal with it later. You don’t want to roll over when your man is in his glory, happy that he had an incredible orgasm and that you did too, and tell him everything he did wrong. Wouldn’t it make you feel terrible if he did that to you? Something’s are just better left unsaid at least for a little while. Granted, if he did something that made you feel really uncomfortable or went against a rule that you two had in the bedroom, you should bring it up. However, if it is something small and you are holding onto some sort of a grudge, leave it.

Learn to enjoy your man’s company in the moment of after sex and forget all of the little stuff. A lot can be said with a look or a kiss after sex so keep it simple and don’t carry baggage into the moment. Remember, how you act after sex is just as important as how you act during. Don’t be a buzz kill.

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