3 Things To Do With Her Clothes During Sex


Sex tips will definitely spice things up in the bedroom – check out these three simple but super hot ways you can play with your lover’s skivvies during sex!

1. Involve Her Clothes In The Sex

Don’t immediately dismiss them to the floor. It’s not just about the beauty that awaits to be unveiled, it’s also about the beauty of unveiling it. Get the drift?

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Run your hands on her clothes, barely touching them. You’re not touching her body, but her apparel. This in itself brings pleasure as you grope through the varied textures & cuts of a woman’s couture. In a way, it’s a good thing she spends half her day choosing the perfect outfit. Sensitize your palms to the feel of cotton, linen, silk and other fabrics. And even when she’s wearing the plainest top and those classic denim jeans, run your hands through. Feel the friction. Doesn’t that feel nice?

Imagine what it will be like for her. She’ll be in a limbo with this hovering hand technique. It feels like you’re touching her, but then again she can’t really be sure. It’s like you’re touching her aura. It’s exciting, but not too intense. (Watch as her breathing gradually quickens.)

After hovering around, gradually apply more pressure and touch her body THROUGH her clothes. Now she can really feel you, she now knows what it means to be held and touched by a man. You’ve set her up so she’ll appreciate and welcome the warmth of your touch.

2.  Spice It Up! Work It!

Being a dull mouse and simply going through the motions of getting your girl naked is a waste of erotic potential.

Add carnal appeal to the proceedings and combine everything you’ve learned so far into a potent & powerful sexual tool. Talk dirty, unleash those naughty looks as you slowly release her body from the restrictions that are her garments. Don’t act all mundane. You might have seen her naked a million times, and it might actually be no big deal, but it doesn’t mean you should take it for granted. Make her feel wanted by lightly kissing the patches of skin you uncover.

And as you strip yourself – put some feeling into it! Nobody cares what ridiculous blob lies beneath your “I’m with Stupid” T-shirt, take it off with erotic appeal – there’s absolutely nothing sexier than confidence.

3. Pause Every Now And Then

Cease your hostilities with fabric and get busy with simpler stuff like kissing. Sometimes it’s good to back-off for a moment, leave her half-naked and recognize that she’s sexiest when she’s ALMOST BARE. There’s that tension again of being naked, but not quite. Of almost being there, but not yet.

Dig up all the sexy calendars you’ve collected over the years. Most ladies in there are not totally naked, they are almost naked, or perhaps covering chest and crotch with their oh-so-lucky palms. Feel the tension this creates. She lets you see the rest of her, but the parts you want the most, she leaves to your imagination. She doesn’t give it all away, always making you want more.

Perfect sexual tension. It’s not always about censorship.

Pause every now and then. Get an eyeful, (but without looking overly impressed.) Notice how incredibly sexy a woman with bare breasts in denim jeans can be. Leave those on and do something else. Caress her face or play with her hair. Don’t worry, those jeans will unzip themselves later.

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