4 Fun Ways To Give Your Girl GREAT Sex!


Sex tips can help you sharpen your game, but they’re not everything. It’s not all about technique! Here are four suggestions for you to have incredible sex with your partner!

Learning how to be better in bed is not just about knowing new techniques and sexual positions (although those help a lot too). At its most fundamental, enjoying a fulfilling night of lovemaking simply involves helping your lady relax and finding total comfort in your company. And one of the simplest things to do to deepen your sexual intimacy is by creating an erotic ambiance and touching her the right way. This article will show you how in four enjoyable and easy steps!

1. Find Some Place Comfortable

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Most couples find great privacy in their own homes, and in particular, their bedrooms. Take a warm shower together to condition both your minds to relax in each other’s presence. Then set her down on a soft rug with cushy pillows so that her body is nicely cushioned. Play some soft, romantic music in the background and light some scented candles to create a really relaxing ambience.

2. Release Her Inhibitions

Let her wear something light and soft, preferably a lingerie or nightgown. Get her to close her eyes while she is lying down. Alternatively you may want to blindfold her. Many women are able to totally free their sexual inhibitions and become far more responsive when blindfolded.

3. Begin Serenading Her With Your Touches

When she is totally relaxed, you may begin physical contact with her. Start with light touches, focusing on her non-sexual areas first. For instance, tenderly touch her toes with your fingertips then slowly move on her more sensitive zones such as her inner thighs, tummy and her neck. Hint: never start groping her right away at her most sexual places!

4. Watch Her Reactions

Pay close attention to how she is responding to your touches, then change your approach accordingly. Does her body feel relaxed or tensed up? If she is too relaxed, you could firm up your touches on her; if you sense that she is too tensed, go easy on your touches and caresses so that you can slowly build her up through light foreplay. Also observe her breathing patterns and if she is making any noise. If she is clearly enjoying the moment, her breathing should be getting heavier.

Every woman is different. It may take some time to explore her body and learn exactly what makes her tick in between the sheets. Use this simple exercise to learn how to relax her mind and body, and get her primed for a night to remember!

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