4 Ways To Make Tonight SIZZLE


Sex tips can help you liven up your sex life and make it hotter than ever! Check out these four sex tips that will turn the heat up on your love life.

Tonight is the night! Well, maybe not, but you and your partner want to make tonight a hot, sweaty, erotic good time! How do you fan the flames of passion and make tonight really, truly hot? You’ll be surprised to learn it takes a lot less than you think.

1. Make Plans For Sex

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If you’ve been together for any decent amount of time, you know the “relationships take work” saying. It’s like being young. When you’re a teenager, you can eat whatever you want, barely exercise and you’ll still be in good shape, limber and virile. In your fifties, if you so much as look at a donut, it will make your ass expand like the national debt.

Same is true for relationships. When you first start dating, she’s always ready to go and he’s harder than Chinese arithmetic. The sex flows like wine. Every little thing she does is magic, every move he makes make her feel like he’s a god.

Then reality sets in. You move in, you get jobs, a mortgage, kids, and then you only see your partner at dinner or communicate via the occasional text message. She becomes the one who doesn’t appreciate him, to her he’s just the schmuck who pays the bills.

Maybe it doesn’t get to that extreme, but you see the point. It’s different, the longer you are with someone. The relationship will need more TLC as time goes by. Give it that TLC.

That starts with planning. If you want to make tonight super sexy, you need to set up a plan of attack to make that happen. Single people who just started dating can leave things to chance. People who are married (with or without kids) or people in long term relationships can not.

2. Go On Dates

I know there are tons of studies that say married people have more sex than single people. This is a crock. Married people may have it more regularly, but single people more of it, and it’s usually way hotter. Why? Because they’re dating. People who are dating usually date because they want to get laid. It’s that simple. People who date and get laid usually stop getting laid when they get married. Why? Because they aren’t dating. I’m not saying don’t get married, I’m saying don’t stop dating. If you do tonight won’t be hot or tomorrow.

3. Have Naked Sunday (Or Any Other Day)

Nothing says “make tonight amazing” like easy access. Nothing says easy access like “naked Sunday.” It’s pretty simple. You and your significant other stay home, and stay naked the whole time, whether or not you’re doing anything sexual.

It’s funny how just being naked makes the most innocuous, non-sexual activity go from mundane to fun and flirty to hot and sweaty naughty couple time. You obviously can’t have sex the whole day, Viagra or not, but it will make you and your partner flirt more, touch each other more, snuggle and cuddle more. It’s really good for helping you and your partner embrace your bodies, but the really benefit is the sizzle factor.

So how do you use “naked Sunday” to make tonight incredible? Instead of making it just a date night, make it a ‘naked date night.’ Order takeout, or make dinner at home (an apron is required for cooking. Yes, it’s not ‘naked date night’ 100% but it does prevent burns in highly sensitive places) and rent a movie, or Netflix it. Sit their on the couch, cuddle, play words with friends, or whatever else you two do. But do it naked. That’s hot. You know what’s even hotter? Having other couples over for naked date night. That’s another column.

4. Give A 60 Second Kiss

Start your night with a 60 second kiss. It’s only a minute, which seems like a short, maybe insignificant amount of time. Until you try making out for that amount of time. Trust me. It’s longer than you think, and that’s a good thing. You’ll be making out like teenagers, and that always leads somewhere, and that place is usually deliciously naughty and well worth it.

I recommend starting your night off with the sixty second kiss, especially if you have an evening’s worth of events planned. Why? Because it’s going to be so hot to make out for sixty seconds, and then you can stoke the flames of passion all night long, letting it build over the course of the evening. The anticipation will act like gasoline on the fire and if you feed it just right, that fire will last all night long and well into the morning, and beyond.

I’m all about the sixty second kiss, and I recommend it be done on a daily basis. Doing so keeps the passion going, and builds a reserve tank full of passion and heat, which will not only make tonight size, but many nights in your forseeable future.

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