5 Sex Rules You Need To BREAK!


Sex tips are fairly common for all men and women. Whether you think that you should not fake an orgasm or that you should last for hours on end, the rules of nookie are similar to a lot of rules in life: they are made to be broken.

Following those tired old rules of only doing it when you’re in the mood or conducting exactly five minutes thirty five seconds of foreplay before you engage in intercourse can be a burden.

1. Time Matters

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One of the biggest misconceptions about nookie is that it is best when it lasts for hours on end. This is not always the case. Yes, you can have an all nighter and it might be the best sex you’ve ever had. However, you can have an amazing quickie with your partner at the drop of a hat.

Having sex quickly can be even more exciting than have a long session. Some men think that they have to be seductive and build up. While this is true in most cases, your wife or girlfriend can easily reach climax as quickly as you do. Don’t get hung up on the amount of time that you spend getting it on.

2. He Always Has To Initiate

A lot of women think that it’s the guy’s job to initiate. While it is fairly traditional for a girl to be more submissive than dominant, she doesn’t have to be one who is always waiting. If you’re a woman and you want sex, make the first move yourself. You will find that you have more control over the situation and the change of pace will work to your advantage. Taking control over your partner can also work wonders for your confidence levels.

The next time that you feel the need for nookie, don’t wait for the guy to make the first move. Make it yourself and you will be glad that you did.

3. Fantasies Are For Porn

There are a lot of men and women that do not explore their fantasies when it comes to getting it on. While there are a lot of different fantasies that have made their mark on the porn industry, they are there for a reason. Exploring fantasies with your partner can be a great way to not only shake things up, but take things to next level.

Exploring fantasies with your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend can build intimacy and show them a vulnerable side. A lot of people forgo this because they are afraid of their partner rejecting the idea or thinking that they are strange because of their inner desires. Be open to what you partner wants without judgment.

4. We Both Have To Climax

Another misconception that couples commonly face is whether or not they both have to have an orgasm for the sex to be good. There are a lot men and women that take more pleasure out of pleasuring their partner than actually getting pleasure themselves. If you think that you both have to have an orgasm in order for the nookie to be great, then you’re wrong. Some women do not reach orgasm very easily.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy climbing in between the sheets, it just means that they do not climax with as much ease as men do. This also doesn’t mean that they do not enjoy the intimacy that comes from having sex. Great nookie doesn’t even have to be sex. You and your partner can derive the same amount of intimacy by just using foreplay. Try to focus on the journey rather than the destination when you are with your partner.

5. We Should Always Orgasm Together

If you think that you should always orgasm together then you should really take a look at your relationship. There are going to be times when you have a lot on your mind or when your partner has a lot on their mind. There are going to be times when you just can’t get there. It takes a lot of work for a couple to climax together even 50 percent of the time.

Don’t treat your sex life like it’s a transaction where the both of you get exactly the same amount out of it. If one of you has an orgasm before the other then it’s fine. There is always oral sex, manual stimulation and other methods to get your partner or yourself off.

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