5 Ways To Get Her To Be Better At Sex


Sex tips aren’t something you can just give to a partner who is bad at sex – you have to be gentle about it. Here’s how to nudge your lover in the right direction.

Having sex with a girl that doesn’t really know what she is doing can be very frustrating. Nobody wants to sleep with a dud. A girl that is inhibited by her sexuality or simply does not know how certain positions make you feel can easily leave you exhausted with your sex life.

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Just because the girl doesn’t really know what she’s doing, it doesn’t mean that you should end the relationship. You can turn this around by some simple communication exercises. Here are a few suggestions for getting her to be better at sex.

1. Talk To Her

Maybe she knows that your sex life is on the rocks, but maybe she doesn’t. For you know, she could think that everything is hunky dory. Talk to your girlfriend or wife and tell her that you think the sex could be improved. Every relationship has problems and sex is a very common one.

Talking to your wife will let her know that you are not satisfied with the sex, but willing to work on it so the relationship can improve. An improved sex life will lead to an improved relationship from an overall standpoint. You don’t want to be negative about your sex life. Keep things light and positive.

2. Find Out Her Fantasies

There is nothing that is going to get a girl enjoying herself more in the bedroom than exploring her very own sexual fantasies. When a girl is exploring her fantasies, she is going to be much more open to leaving her inhibitions at the door. Talk to her about what she finds hot. One of the problems with guys is they are centered on what they want in the bedroom rather than what their partner wants.

Your sex life should be filled with compromise. If your girl comes back and says that she wants to try something that you’re not really that thrilled about, go with it. When she sees that you’re compromising with her fantasies, she’s going to be more open to your fantasies.

3. Be The Guy She Wants To Change For

Whether you need to schedule more date nights or make more time for her in your every day life, be the guy that she wants to change for. Sex can be a never-ending conundrum. You don’t want to change because you’re not getting the sex that you want.

She doesn’t want to have sex because you’re not changing for her. Break this cycle by helping her out whenever possible. Make sure she has gas in her car. Do the laundry without being asked. When she is not worried about other things in her life, she will be more carefree and more open to feel the emotions she needs to make you happy.

4. Work On The Relationship

Sometimes a girl will be lethargic about sex because the relationship has other issues. Whether she is worried about the longevity of the relationship or if there have been infidelity issues, working on the relationship will definitely improve the sex. Reaffirm how much you care for her every day. Do little things that will make her feel special. No girl or guy wants to be in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere.

Sure casual relationships can be fun for a while, but the passion eventually wears off. A relationship cannot be sustained by sex alone. Realizing this and working on your relationship is a great way to get her to be more open about sex and better in bed.

5. Teach Her

Guys love it when women are vocal in bed. Why wouldn’t it be the other way around? When you are having sex, don’t be afraid to tell her what you want. Try to avoid things that are light-years ahead of the norm. For instance, don’t tell her that you want to have anal sex with her if you have never done it or ever discussed it. If you want to try a new position or you want her to go faster or slower, tell her.

Women aren’t mind readers. They might be able to pick up on a few things here or there, but telling her what you want outright is a surefire way to easily get the positions that you like. If she’s doing something wrong, correct her in a positive manner. Never criticize her during or after sex. The last thing that you want is for her to get embarrassed or ashamed of her techniques. Use positive reinforcement and you will start to see a vast improvement in your sex life.

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