6 Naughty Truths About Explosive Sex She Wants You to Know!


Sex tips from your girl are the best, because they’re spot on! But she won’t always give them to you! Here are six sex tips she secretly wants you to know.

Do you really know what women want during sex? There are too many women who complain about having bad sex instead of experiencing the heavenly pleasures of lovemaking. If you don’t know what women really want in bed (or think you are clueless), here are things you should keep in mind if you want to give her an amazing time in between the sheets.

1. Smell Good

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A foul-smelling body can be a real turn-off in bed. Even if you have a body-odor that you THINK is appealing, get a shower! You should be smelling fresh and clean in bed, not like a caveman waiting to devour his prey. Now, if you are expecting her to give you great fellatio, the last thing you want her to remember is smelling bad down there.

2. Erotic Massage

An erotic massage can work its magic on a woman like no other. Women love to be pampered by their men and massage is a great way to heighten her sexual senses. Put your hands to good use after a bath together and give her a good rub on her back and thighs. This will be a great prelude to a night of passionate fireworks.

3. Assume Dominance

Even the most sexually adventurous women would love their men to be bold, dominant and sexually confident. They want you to set the pace and intensity when you make love. Take charge and try new things together, with one thing in mind: giving her an awesome orgasm that she cannot refuse.

4. Cuddle With Her

Don’t head off to sleep straight after a lovemaking session! Women are emotional beings. They want to feel special not just during sex, but after sex as well. A good cuddle will make her feel wanted and appreciated for who she is. Believe me, this can work magic into a sexual relationship. Most guys don’t do this at all. Be different, and she will likely let you go for round number two.

5. Be Ready For The Next Round

Well, you may have seen this coming, don’t you? Most women don’t request for a second round. But if the first one was so good – especially if you have given her an exquisite orgasm – be prepared to have a go at it again. Grant her this wish. After all, it simply means she adores you and she loves the way you make her feel.

6. Keep It Up

Need I say more? A rock hard erection will get any woman going. It shows how turned on you are by her, and epitomizes your desire for her. So give her the most amazing night ever!

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