Are You Making These 5 Critical Sex Mistakes?


Sex tips can take you from an out of touch lover to a virtuoso with just a few reading. While you’re not going to be able to literally hypnotize women, sex tips can put you in a place where you will have the ability to gauge what makes your girlfriend, wife or one nightstand reach orgasm every time.

However, there are some very critical sex mistakes that you could be making without even knowing it. Depending on how open and honest your partner is, they might be too afraid to tell you what you’re doing wrong. If you are committing these mistakes, stop yourself immediately.

1. The Foreplay Is Too Short

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Yes, there are times when you are both so hot that you can’t wait to get to the main event. However, most of the time, foreplay is going to be essential. If you are spending less than 5 minutes on foreplay, you’re definitely not giving the girl enough time to warm up before penetration. There should be a lot of kissing, sucking and touching before you ever try to have intercourse with a girl.

Think of it like a car in the winter. How long does it take for the engine to heat up your vehicle in the dead of December? At least 10 minutes? Try to incorporate more foreplay for longer and you will see immense results.

2. No Oral Sex For Her

Oral sex is essential for a girl to get warmed up for sex. If you are not going down on her before sex, you’re committing a very big sex mistake. There isn’t a girl on this planet that doesn’t like when a guy gives them oral sex, especially if he’s good at it. Work your way down her body from her lips to her breasts and then down to her stomach.

Don’t immediately go for her vagina, as this is an amateur move. Lick on her inner thigh before you start to suck and lick on the clitoris. You will start to see her convulse a little in her legs when she wants you to give her oral sex.

3. You Talk Too Much

Being vocal during sex is great. While there are girls out there who like a guy to talk dirty to them, there are times when you can go overboard. Calling them names or being derogatory is fine if that’s what she’s into. However, not every woman is going to want you to call them a whore or a slut during sex.

Asking a ton of questions about whether or not she is enjoying herself or if you are doing things right is not going to turn her on. She will immediately get annoyed and probably tell you to shut up. Don’t talk too much unless she is initiating it.

4. You’re Silent

While no girl wants you to talk their ear off during sex, they don’t really want you to be silent either. There is nothing weirder than a guy that has sex in complete silence. Steady breathing without any vocals can certainly ruin the mood. When you’re having sex, reaffirm her by telling her she’s beautiful or that you like what she’s doing.

This can also get her talking and open up the lines of communication for dirty talk. Being silent during sex will make her wonder if she’s doing it right or if you’re even enjoying it. Talk to her a little during sex so that she knows she is on the right track. If she does something that you really like, make sure that she knows about it. You can also ask her what she wants.

5. You’re WAY Too Kinky

Sure, you like a little kink in your sex. Things can get very boring if it’s the same every time. But the last thing that you want to do is bring the sex shop home with you. Girls like a little kink and she might even want to incorporate sex toys into the bedroom. But you’re with a girl that isn’t into the scene, you might be intimidating her with your overactive fantasy life. Refrain from pulling out all the stops with vibrators, dildos, straps and whips until you know what she’s into.

Unless you met your girl on a sex site, you could easily scare her away within a few minutes. Ease her into your fantasies and you will start to see her open up much more. If you jump in too quickly you’re going to send her to the hills.

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