Do You Measure Up When It Comes To Sex?


Sex is what some men are good at and some aren’t – but how do YOU stack up against the best lover your girl has ever had sex with? Can you hold a candle to him?

Women Love Making Comparisons

They compare things like diamond sizes, or this year’s sales with last season’s – wishing to see who’s got the biggest stone, or the more elegant product line. (I told you they’re into details.) Most of all, women love weighing guys against each other when it comes to sex. Some are blunt about it, others are more sophisticated and subtle, but when they compare, boy, do they compare! They’ll weigh a man with just about anybody & anything.

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Through comparisons, a girl fishes out who she considers the “best.”

What She’s Looking At

She’ll measure you against her ideal man – that perfect gentleman she’s been fantasizing about since she was 14. She’ll compare how you move, with how he moves. How you do her, and how Mr. Perfect supposedly does it. She’ll note every aspect of you and weigh it against her ideal. This of course, includes your penis size as well. Very easily, you will lose – you are bound to lose. (But don’t worry, if she cares enough, she’ll turn you into a project and begin changing every detail of your soul so you approximate her dream guy. Good luck on that one.) She’ll compare you with all the guys she’s ever had sex with – well, at least those she remembers.

So What About Sex?

There’s a hierarchy of guys in her head and if she’s been around the block more than once, she remembers the losers, the one-night stands and yes, even the breast masher. She’ll even compare her orgasms with you and those she gets via self-service – heck, she’ll even compare you with her sex toys. She won’t readily own up to these superficialities, she may not even notice she’s doing them.

But this does happen, and in this game of comparisons, it pays to be unique. The female brain is always on the prowl for something new, something different. The moment she realizes you’re just like the rest, she will brush you off. A girl can’t attend to every insignificant person that comes her way.

Her Emotions Are Involved Too (Of Course)

Her emotions will certainly command a big share of how she sees you as a bedmate. Everybody may see you as a pitiful excuse for a human being, and therefore a waste of skin, but if you’ve hostaged a woman’s emotions, everything and everybody else don’t matter. You may really lose all comparisons, but if she’s that into you, she’ll let you win! If she’s flushed with EMOTIONS, if she’s sooo head-over-heels, you could ooze with sexual lameness and she’ll still be adoring you.

Letting It Go And Being Confident

By the way, none of these comparisons and emotions thing is objective. They are never objective. Remember, people, especially women, are not logical creatures, although they’d like to think they are. You’re dealing here with judgments that can be muddled by her perceptions, expectations and preferences. (Come to think of it, who in this world is completely objective?)

Many guys ask me: Is it possible that one woman will judge you great in bed while another count you as average?

Of course! Knowing the nature of humans and sex, expect that. Nobody bats a perfect thousand. Accept that, have confidence in bed anyways and you’re golden.

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