Sex Tips For Older Men


While many men reach their sexual prime in their late 20’s and 30’s, some men are still have an exceptional sex drive when they get older. Unfortunately, society as a whole suggests that the only thing men can do when they get older to have great sex is to take Viagra or an herbal supplement, use penis pumps, etc. Surely, older men have a better sex outlook than that! Here are some great sex tips for the older man.

More Foreplay

As men grow older, they may need more and more stimulation to acheive orgasm or to even become aroused. This is something that simply happens physically, when a man’s body starts to lose testosterone as he ages. Before you go out and buy a bottle of pills, try having more foreplay before sex, or even before masturbation. Women love foreplay, and this can be key to helping you acheive and maintain a healthy erection.

Maintain Good Health

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Men with health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic health conditions, find that their sex life is also affected. Men taking certain medications may experience a decrease in their sex drive or the inability to get or maintain an erection, and men with some health conditions may also experience similar sexual side effects. It is important to see your doctor regularly for checkups and blood tests, and never be afraid to tell your doctor about your sex life and any sexual problems you have been having. Your doctor can help, and some sexual symptoms can indicate health problems your doctor wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Older men in good health report having a better sex life when they feel better, as opposed to men who aren’t physically healthy.

Try New Things

 If intercourse with your partner just doesn’t do it for you anymore, don’t automatically give up. Sex isn’t defined simply by intercourse, there are many varieties of sex that can still be fun at an older age. Try using toys, trying tantra or having anal play, and incorporate oral sex into your foreplay routine for both you and your partner. Remember that sex itself is only part of the intimacy that you share with your partner and that much of it comes from simply having skin to skin contact as well as kissing and hugging.

Don’t Get Stuck In A Rut

Many couples, both young and old, find themselves getting stuck in a sexual rut or routine. This can wreak havoc on an older man’s sex life because with his changing physical status, a sexual routine can quickly fail to keep him aroused. Constantly change your sex life around by trying new things, having sex at different times of the day or in different places. Make a definite effort to keep sex from ever being the same for too long to experience a more satisfying sex life.

Exercise And Eat Healthy

In addition to improving your physical health, exercise and healthy eating can also improve your sexual health as well as your emotional health. It is easy for a man with a changing sex life to become depressed or get down on himself, and staying positive and feeling good about yourself plays a big part in having a satisfying sex life.

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