Sex Tips For Women – How You Can Help Boost Your Man’s Confidence During Sex, Without Lying


A man’s sexual insecurities show up when he’s in bed with a new lover for the first time. Some guys think they have to show how creative and skilled they are so they think of different tricks to showcase their lovemaking know-how. They feel pressured. They are eager to please. They want to be your best lover ever.

Most of the time, women don’t have the heart to say “honey, you’re trying too hard” when he really does seem like he’s desperate to please his girl. In fact, telling him directly that you think he’s going overboard might make him feel that you’re not at all enjoying yourself no matter what he does.

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A man doesn’t want to come across as boring or unskilled when he’s making love. To ease his anxiety (and to really enjoy yourself), boost his confidence and let him know that he’s doing great, without sounding fake.

5 Ways to Boost Your Man’s Confidence Without Lying

Keep Your Sense Of Humor

Show him how relaxed you are by reacting naturally when bloopers happen. Being too serious during sex will simply aggravate his already frayed nerves. Laughing good-naturedly when you hear strange sounds from your tummy or his will help him relax and be himself.

Encourage Him To Explore Your Body Without Rushing

Tell him to slow down by kissing him leisurely when he seems to be rushing. Take his hands and slide them over your body slowly so that he can really explore every inch of your body. Be patient and don’t rush him when he gets excited and starts kissing and licking your hot spots.


Stretching like a kitten and purring will encourage him to go further without feeling like he has to hurry. Verbally tell him to take his time and stroke his head, his hand or any part of his body that you can reach to encourage him more.

Touch Him

If you notice that he seems to be hiding some parts of his body with the blanket or the pillow, take note of that part and touch that spot frequently when it’s your turn to do the exploring. If he seems to be guiding your hands away from that spot, gently return to that spot when he’s more relaxed. Maybe he’s too embarrassed about his belly, or he secretly thinks his feet are too big.

Never, Ever Mention Size

Some men cannot get over their “penis size anxiety” and no matter how much you gush over how big he is or how stuffed you feel, he will still think you’re lying to make him feel better about not being big enough. Most guys won’t openly admit that they think they’re too small, so just don’t mention anything that pertains to the size of his member.

Here’s a final reminder for you…

Don’t let your own insecurities get the better of you during sex. Your man might misinterpret if you’re hesitant about letting him touch you somewhere on your body that you think is “too fleshy” or “too saggy.”

Relax and remember that sex is all about exploring your partner’s body, and pleasing each other honestly and sincerely.

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