How To Get Your Girl To Literally BEG YOU To Have Sex With Her


Sex with a 10 is something that every guy strives for. The thing that most guys fail at is getting a girl to chase them instead of the other way around. Most guys think that when things get physical is a done deal. But getting a girl to chase you doesn’t stop when when you have had sex! Don’t make the same mistakes that every other guy does. When you want a 10, you need to use the best methods possible to separate yourself from every other guy she has been with. Here are 3 steps to easily give your girl the best orgasm of her life.

1. Foreplay The Right Way

Kissing is the pretext to all sex. While kissing a Chump might keep kissing a girl until she pulls away. A Champ might kiss a girl, then pull away, then go to kiss again, then pull away RIGHT before. Women LOVE these little teases. Don’t be surprised if she grabs you and kisses you even harder when you do this one!

2. Don’t Go Straight For It

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So while a Chump might be so happy to be having sex with a woman that he goes straight for it, a Champ gets his girl so hot and turned on first that she is literally BEGGING! After she gets down to just her underwear and you are in yours, take your soldier, put it on the “area” and begin SLOWLY going up and down. Do this while kissing and alternating between her lips and her neck

Keep doing this for AT LEAST 10 MINUTES! Add to the tension with dirty talk. I know it sounds like a lot, but she will LOVE this and it will get her super turned on. Take off her panties, and take off yours. Put a condom on, but don’t go straight for sex! Keep doing what you were doing, but do not enter her! At this point she’ll probably start grabbing at you. Smile and say “not yet!” then keep doing what you are doing. Then, after she is bucking her hips and DYING to have you, put in just the tip. Take it out and go back to dry humping.

Do this a couple more times and then, put just the tip inside.

3. Count Your Strokes

Okay, now what you’re going to do is count your strokes. Give 9 really shallow stroke and then one REALLY DEEP ONE! Go to 8 shallow strokes, and 2 really deep strokes. Then 7 shallow strokes, and 3 really deep strokes. By this point she’s going to be going CRAZY. She will be begging you to give it harder! But don’t give in. Give  6 shallow strokes, and 4 really deep strokes. Keep doing this until you are all the way to 1 shallow one and 9 deep. Then, count backwards! 8 deep strokes and 2 really shallow strokes. 7 deep strokes and 3 really shallow ones. You get the picture.

When you get back to the beginning, it’s time to give hard! She will have the best orgasm of her life!

Women LOVE this teasing method. It’s one of my best secrets and I wanted to share it with you because the secrets to getting and keeping a 10 don’t stop when you get into the bedroom. If you end up being one of the 200 guys who get a spot in my Get The 10 program, you’re going to be finding yourself in the bedroom with some VERY hot girls.

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