How To Give Any Girl Multiple Orgasms During Sex


Sex tips are essential for giving your girlfriend or wife multiple orgasms. These orgasms are tricky territory and may be hard just to bring up in conversation, if only because many women don’t even know they are possible!

If she is already struggling to reach orgasm regularly, so might not want the additional pressure of trying to orgasm over and over again.

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There are several ways to assist your partner with finding the path to multiples, as all women have the capacity, but only if she is prepared and has opened her mind to the idea. It’s all just a matter of creating the perfect storm.

What To Do After The First Orgasm

Once she has experienced her first orgasm, you want to ensure she remains aroused. Cuddle, coo, snuggle and tell your lover how much you appreciate her, all while slowly and gently stimulating the clitoral head and hood.

If she is too sensitive, pull back to the labia, the mons or even the inner thigh. Basically, whatever pressure, rhythm and position you were in prior to her orgasm, you want to continue along those lines but more gently and with less force.

Focus on the romance for a bit instead of the orgasm, and allow her a bit of a breather. Just don’t stop touching for more than a few seconds at a time, or the cool-off period will begin.

Watch Her Breathing

Once your girl’s breathing starts slowing back to normal (but before it gets all the way there), start with a bit more pressure along the mons pubis. If need be, shift into another position that offers strong symphysis and/or G-Spot stimulation.

If you can, put your hand over the mons pubis and feel around for the clitoral shaft, making sure she is getting the proper angle for lots of rubbing and friction.

Move your body further up hers if you are in a sex position facing her, so that you can help her rise toward climax again. If she pushes you away or says she’s too sensitive, take things back a few notches but don’t stop entirely.

Focus On The Other Parts

Focus on other parts of her body that arouse her until she starts to move of her own accord, rubbing against you in search of more stimulation. When her hips thrust and her breathing quickens, you can start playing with her mons pubis and pressing up against her pubic bone.

Her second orgasm should occur in less time than it took the first, only because her body didn’t regress all the way back to the non-aroused state before beginning her next ascent to climax.

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