How To Look Really Good Without Your Clothes


Sex tips aren’t always what to do during sex. Here are some excellent sex tips that show you how to look AH-mazing in your birthday suit before getting it on!

When you look good without your clothes you feel sexy, but the actual process of looking good butt ass naked is anything but. That’s the number one reason people fail on their quest to look good naked. Everyone wants to be rich, but who really is willing to spend less than they make, and invest or save the rest? Not that many.

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I myself used to be quite heavy, and I’ve lost a lot of weight. How much weight? Like two or three of those starving kids in Africa. People used to ask me how I did it, many of them looking to look great naked themselves. I would always ask them “are you prepared to go to the gym at 10:30 PM on a Friday night?” Every one of them would say no.

That told me they didn’t want to pay the price. I’ve been to the gym at 11PM on a Friday and Saturday because those were the only times I could fit the gym in and I refused to be derailed from my goals. If you want to get a sexy body that stops traffic you must have that level of dedication, even though I wouldn’t recommend actually doing that.

Have you ever wanted to look like a bodybuilder, fitness model, yoga instructor or your favorite celebrity? Can you imagine how good they look without their clothes? You probably have wanted that body and you can imagine them naked if you haven’t seen them that way in TV and film already.

Do a little research. It’s not hard to find out their fitness programs. Often they will discuss them in an interview or magazine article. Read the article. Then pick your jaw up off the floor. Still sure you want this?

Funny how things work.

There Are No Short Cuts Or Secrets

How do you look good without your clothes? Simple. If you want a great ass, you need to work the one you have off. Literally. You won’t get the ass you want by sitting on the one you have, someone once said. It’s true. If you want to look amazing naked, there is no way around hard, hard work. And most importantly, it must be consistent. There’s no point in going super hardcore in the gym once a month. Or training like a bodybuilder but eating like a sumo wrestler. You don’t have to be perfect, but you’d better be like clock work.

Most people never even make it this far, so if you’re still with me here, then it means you truly are committed to learning how to look good without your clothes and you have a great chance of actually pulling it off. You’re already ahead of like 90% of the population. Believe it or not, most of the people who have made it this far still fail. Why?

Take Action Immediately. Something Is Always Better Than Nothing

There are so many options out there. Yoga, crossfit, P90x, insanity, zumba, bodybuilding, swimming, you name it. We have two political parties in America, and yet 200000 kinds of orange juice in the grocery store. The sheer volume of choices can paralyze even the most dedicated person, because they are trying to find the program that “works.”

Here’s the hint. They all work. The trick is to find the one that works for you. This will require trial and error. Get a personal trainer if you need one. If you don’t, you don’t. Find what works for you by figuring out which type of diet and exercise program is up your alley. Do that. Do it a lot. You will have set backs, you will be subject to the learning curve, which is simply:

At first you suck, then you get better.

But if you are serious about looking good without clothes and you use these three action items, you will be successful. How fast is determined largely by how well you apply them. You will get there, you just don’t know when.

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