How To Shake Up Your Sex Life With 1 Simple Trick


Sex tips can help you to have better sex than ever – but with this easy technique, you can have INCREDIBLE sex right away! Do you know what it is?

Morning Sex

Morning sex. I’m not talking after breakfast, or after dropping the kids off. I’m talking about first thing in the morning. Or earlier. We all know that there’s no wood like morning wood. Even if your lover is normally harder than Chinese arithmetic at all times, he will still be at his hardest and most potent when his little man wakes up to greet the day.

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Often his member will wake up before he does. This is awesome. Fuck his brains out, whether or not he’s fully awake. Hop on and get off. He will wake up and join the party. Even if he doesn’t, he will wake up with a smile on his face.

He will probably last longer than any other time during the day, so be prepared. This can mean multiple orgasms for you. If you’re only in the mood for a quickie, get yourself warmed up with vibrators and or masturbation before you have sex with him.

Finishing Off With Oral Sex

Make sure to finish him off with some really great oral sex if you go the quickie route, and of course, put a condom on his penis if you engage in anal sex, for obvious reasons. If he’s still asleep when you bring him to orgasm, try taking his load in your mouth (or on your face if you’re into facials) and then waking him up, letting him see his semen all over your face or in your mouth. Waking up to a woman who’s got your load in your mouth is hot. Watching her swallow after she’s had her way with you is just plain sexy, and is a really, really great way to start the day.

Did you know that’s how Einstein started each and every day? Who knows where we would be as a society if he hadn’t had morning sex before he even got out of bed to start the day. I shudder to think about it.

He Can Service You Too!

It can work both ways too. There’s nothing wrong with him starting the day by servicing his lady (or his dude, whatever you’re into). If you start the day with a roll in the hay, you’ve put yourself in a really great position to have the best possible day, and a stress free one. It’s really hard to get upset when your brain has been scrambled by all those sexually released chemicals. You might not cut someone off on the way to work, or you might be a little more relaxed when you go to Starbucks and you spend twenty minutes behind a person, only to watch in horror as they finally get up to the counter and still haven’t figured out what they want!

You do each other every morning and you’ll notice a huge difference in your life. It will lower your stress levels, get you going, in a good way and you’ll probably find that you really appreciate your partner more and before you know it that increased physical intimacy will lead to increased emotional intimacy.

Sex is like the canary in the well of your relationship. If that’s wild and passionate and frequent, your relationship is in really good shape. If it’s dull, boring and infrequent, well, that’s not so good.

Do It Even When You Don’t Want To

My advice is molest your partner early every morning regardless of whether or not you want to. This is especially true and important for people who have kids. I’m not in the mood, you say? Well, I hate to break it to you, but women have been having sex without wanting to or being in the mood for centuries and nobody died from that. So just do it, even if you don’t think you want to. You will be really glad you did after you’re done having oral sex, anal sex, plain old missionary style intercourse or whatever you’re into. You’re welcome.

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