How To Thrust The Right Way


Sex tips can help you sharpen your game so you’re always getting better at sex. Check out how to penetrate correctly and give your girl incredible orgasms!

There many variations to penetration, thing, but all strokes hang on 3 basic elements of style.

  • Speed
  • Angle
  • Depth

1. Your Speed

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Speed, which is very much related to power, is prime consideration for the male orgasm. Going at it hard and fast is the standard masturbating procedure – probably the only pace most men have been working with all their lives. It has been proven to work and many will find it awfully hard to operate any other way.

But since we are not unwitting agents to this whole thing, we can choose to dial the speed up or down. Speed doesn’t control you, you control it.

There are reasons, as you already know, why it’s good to give that “fast” button a rest once in a while. Again, if you don’t pace yourself, you’ll burn out too early or finish with a prematurely blown load. How can you hold off ejaculating when you’re stroking her like there’s no tomorrow?! Be realistic.

Instead, add variety to your style by patterning into different thrusting speeds.

For example, you can do 5 quick strokes followed a slow & deep one. Or 3 slow ones followed by 5 quick dips. Have fun and play around with a variety of speeds, mix it up. Slow it down and speed it up. Create an amusing rhythm or thump to the beat of your booty-music.

2. Your Angle

Stroking isn’t a straight in & out affair, another way of adding sexual variation is through the angle of your penetration. There may be just one point of entry, but there can be different angles of thrust.

Those different sex positions are ultimately about different angles. You’ll find for example, that Doggie is good for the G-spot because it allows you leg support and aim to thrust at the zone where it resides. Missionary Position, on the other hand, has difficulty fully engaging the spot, because in this configuration, the penis is usually angled down. The Woman-on-Top can be a good G-spot position as long as a woman angles her pelvis so you can stroke into it. Different angles of attack result in various sensations for the lusty pair.

When you stroke, you employ the combined efforts of your arms, hips, pelvis, knees and legs. Having physical endorsement as much as this allows you stuff other than simply dart in and out. Your hips and pelvis can do more than straight-up thrusting, and you might not be a great dancer, but you can definitely move those hips around. I’m sure that when you boogie on that dance floor, you also roll them to the sides and in circles.

So WORK IT! The bed is certainly not the place to go shy and timid. Grind into those hip and pelvic maneuvers as you stroke in – go left, right and round & round. And when you’re in deep – wiggle & grind some more, brushing your pubic bone against her clitoris. Try SCOOPING thrusts by pointing your pelvis up as you dive deeper into her. It’s playful, fun and a happy detour from the all too serious jackhammer classic.

3. Your Depth

This refers to how deep into her your equipment goes. Profound, isn’t it?

Women love “full and deep” – but it’s not the only thing they adore – they also love to be made wanting. You don’t need to fire everything all the time and be balls deep with every thump. Going in at various depths automatically creates variety.

You may start by thrusting just the head of your penis – then pull out. Kiss her. Caress or sweep the vulval area. Thrust the head, and pull out again. Do this several times. Go back in, and go deeper each time. Continue to progress until you’re all in. After which, you can really start pounding.

Get the idea? You don’t need to perform full strokes all the time.

Now, a shout out for those endowed with humongous equipment (say, anything 8” and longer). You’ll be lucky to find a woman who can take the fullness of you, your thing may simply not fit her. Don’t get me wrong, large penises rock, but paired with a petite and timid vagina, it’ll just be a waste of meat. She can’t take all of it in with pleasure. It’ll be like running an extra-large catheter up your thing.

So for guys who pack a horse of a penis: Make sure the lady is really aroused before you penetrate. Otherwise, you’ll just really wreck her cervix.

Remember the cervix? It’s the last point where penises go, a dead end of some sort. When a woman is highly aroused, her cervix will rise, giving your schlong more thrusting space. But when you start pounding before the arousal mechanisms kick in, there’s a good chance you’ll bump into her cervix.

It’ll hurt…a lot.

So give her arousal allowance so you’ll have more elbow room to play with. You feel me? OK. After these penetration details, we’ll look at the bigger picture and talk body arrangements. No erotic discourse will ever be adequate without venturing into the wonderful world of Sexual Positions. (Notice that sexual poses are considered primarily for their thrusting potential?) You’ll soon learn that there’s more to these anatomical configurations than meets the eye.

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