How To Be A Lover That Can Learn From Your Woman


Sex tips drive an endless pursuit of finding out what works and what doesn’t. There will always be lessons for you, sexual learning never ends.  Nothing can highlight this better than what happened during first time sex.

Your First Time

When you were still a languishing virgin, curiosity took over your hormones. The desire to make a man out of yourself was evident every waking minute. You’ve heard that sex felt great – and even though you lacked a legitimate point of comparison, you knew it was going to be better than anything. If porn can feel that good, how much more if it were real breasts in front of you. The bulge in your pants seems to agree.

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You need to learn how to do it right. The drive may be natural, but the quality is not. You need some experience under your belt. You need to be closely acquainted with your tools, learn about your girl’s body and how it works, and discover her preferences.

Sex Is Partner Specific

The manner and style will differ from woman to woman. This goes beyond body type, bust or booty size. It’s as unique as the two individuals engaged in it. And if you think all sex is the same, you’re unnecessarily lumping incomparable experiences – seeing the big picture and missing a woman’s idiosyncrasies.

It’s a woman’s sexual personality, the mixture of her naughtiness and innocence that makes her incomparable. It’s the way she shocks you with the things she calls, “Normal”. It’s the exquisite way she does you and the way she reacts to your moves. It’s the level of spanking she can take, or the depth her mouth can take your penis.

It’s in the manner she holds your tool when she gives you head and the smile on her face when you kiss. It’s in the exceptional tightness of her embrace and the way she rubs on your face every time you eat her.

Of course, there will be similarities. You’d go crazy if every time you do it, it’s all new and strange. But the similarities don’t really disturb us, do they? It’s the anomalies, the differences between women that keep us on our toes. These differences lie on the details. The devil is in the details.

Make Adjustments and Refinements

That’s why when it’s your first time with a certain woman, it feels like you’re a virgin all over again. The excitement may be familiar, but her body and sexual personality are not. You’re commencing a journey of discovery. Initial difficulties are okay, and adjustments & refinements have to be made.

That’s what happens when two people learn to adopt and adapt to each other. It’s okay if you don’t rock her world the first time. It’s not a rejection of you, it’s merely an indication that you need to learn something. Tell her that you want to master her and she’ll gladly assist you.

Do Not Slide Back

Men have a strong tendency to forget what was taught and return to their old ways. Be forewarned. When she teaches you something, burn it in your head. Schooling you once is already hard enough, doing it thrice is really just nagging. Keep learning, and keep the learning. Something wonderful happens over time, you start having better sex.

You get better. You’ll be the authority on what turns her on, the virtuoso on what gets her off. You’ll make her body squirm with delight. You’ll have her preferences down pat. Life will be good!

And when that time comes, don’t be so stuck up. When you think you’ve mastered your woman like your favorite RPG game, remember that there’s always something to learn. Even if she’s shouting your praises on a 3-block radius – there’s always room for more wonderful things. Always.

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