500 Sex Tips and Love Making Secrets That Everyone Ought to Know


Think back to your last date, or more specifically, to the last time you and your partner had sex …

Do you remember the steam, the excitement, the sheer animal passion when you made love… how you couldn’t help from literally tearing each other’s clothes off in the heat of passion?

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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No, not on your last date? Maybe the one before? Well, you get the point…

That SHOULD be your sex life, but it isn’t. So let’s find out why and FIX IT.

You’ll want to read all the way to end of this post so that you don’t miss a single great idea.

The good news – it’s not your fault! Our culture has so demonized sex and love making, that most parents won’t even have a proper discussion about sex with their children or even show affection in public. The real irony here is that we are sexual beings – it’s hard wired into our DNA.

It’s absolutely amazing how many people think sex is basically missionary position, and with the lights off. Can you say boring? Who wants to do that three times a week, really? Can you imagine having the exact same item for dinner the rest of your life?

So are you destined for a boring sex life when you KNOW there are people out there having mind-numbingly amazing and enjoyable sex?

Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve just started dating a great guy or girl, and they’re wonderful. You’re really hitting it off. But a few weeks into your relationship, they start to get cold and distant, making excuses and getting too busy for you.

You may catch a hushed mention of a previous lover, maybe when they’re chatting with a trusted friend, maybe on the phone, or worse – on the phone with their ex. Fact is, people often break up for reasons other than sex, but great sex will keep them ing back to their previous lover again, and again, and again… even when it’s against their better judgement.

So how do you become one of these incredible lovers that no one can leave or resist?

Here’s our review of, Oprah Love Expert, Michael Webb’s excellent guide 500 Love Making Tips & Secrets.

I’m sure you’ll be as excited as we were when we started flipping through the pages. Michael Webb has one of the best collections of sex tips and lovemaking advice around.

Here are just a few of the tips you’ll discover in 500 Love Making Tips & Secrets:

  • An item in the frozen food section that will send shivers up and down your mates body in a very surprising way
  • Something in your toiletry bag which doubles as an amazing lovemaking toy
  • 2 novel ways to use mirrors in lovemaking that you probably never heard of
  • Several natural ways to add length to your penis (two you can even test out tonight)
  • the one month a guy’s testosterone peaks
  • A great way to invirate someone who is too tired for sex
  • What colored light bulbs will intensify orgasms
  • How to get firmer erections and prevent premature ejaculation without medicines
  • The two things done in combination that will blow his mind
  • A sexy lubrication tip that will have him, well, enough said
  • What food and drink you should avoid the 24 hours before making love to avoid unpleasant odors
  • Food items to consume so your juices are sweeter (some might surprise you)
  • One simple trick to make your wife scream in delight like never before
  • Which smells can instantly increase penile blood flow by up to 40%
  • Where and how to touch your guy when he is about to orgasm that will have him explode like a firecracker (even he probably doesn’t know this trick)
  • Ways to use your mouth on her that will drive her absolutely wild
  • Something to do with your hands when you are entering her that will excite her even more

Michael Webb also includes some really great dating tips to help you make your creative dates a success instead of a flop. And he also tells you how to avoid some potentially devastating dating disasters.

500 Love Making Tips & Secrets also gives you a run down of the most common love making positions (and additional ones for the adventurous and athletic) along with explanations of the benefits of each one.

There’s also a Lubrication Guide that gives you the pros and cons of the more popular products on the market, so you’ll know what’s fun and safe and what you should stay away from.

500 Love Making Tips & Secrets includes many wild, exciting and juicy ideas, but Michael Webb stays true to his promise that none of them are immoral, degrading, perverted, or raunchy. Bummer… We like some of the kinky stuff.


While we found some of the tips and ideas in 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets to be a little light, and we don’t necessarily agree with his viewpoints on pornography, there are definitely a lot of great lovemaking tips and ideas that are worth trying at least once, and many that you’ll probably keep using over and over again.

Overall we highly recommend this book.

Get your copy right now before you get busy and forget. Surprise your partner with the best lovemaking they’ve had in a long time.

While you’re at it, you’ll definitely want to check out Michael’s other terrific resources below.

One of our personal favorites is Lick by Lick – How to Go Down on a Woman and Have Her Begging for More.

Don’t put it off.

You’ll kick yourself if you don’t get 500 Love Making Tips & Secrets today.

"The Little Black Book of Sex Positions"

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