How To Make Sex Over 40 GREAT! (Ladies Only)


Sex tips specifically for women over forty can help older women have a super hot, satisfying orgasmic sex life! Sex tips for these women differ slightly than sex tips for younger women, because as the body ages, it is important to realize that sex can be different too. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have AWESOME sex! It could be better sex than you ever had!

Use Plenty Of Lubrication

A lot of couples assume that if they’re turned on, they don’t need additional lubrication during intercourse. Having plenty of lubrication, natural or otherwise, is essential for great sex for both younger couples and older ones, although, older women may find that they need a little more than they used to. This is not at all uncommon. In fact, every couple should have a bottle of good, water based lubricant in their nightstand drawer, because honestly, it just makes sex feel better!

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When there’s less friction and more sensual gliding, things are going to feel better. This is especially true for older women, because as the body ages, the vagina can become drier and less supple. Using good quality lubricants like Pjur can help moisturize the tissues down there and make your genitals look and feel supple and young – not to mention, sex will feel better without the uncomfortable friction!

Have Lots Of Foreplay

When you’re younger, you can often jump right into sex without a lot of foreplay because sex is newer and more fun – it doesn’t take long for the body to get excited. But when you’ve been around the block a few times so to speak, just the idea of having sex isn’t enough to get a woman turned on. Women naturally require lots of foreplay before sex to get them aroused enough for sex to feel good, yet this is one of the sex tips that is most commonly ignored.

Don’t underestimate the power of foreplay and make sure that you engage in it as often as possible. Foreplay can start as soon as you wake up – lovingly caress your partner, tease them and whisper naughty things in their ear. You’ll both be thinking about sex all day and by the time you get home, it will be all you can do not to rip each other’s clothes off and get it on right then and there.

Invest In Good Quality Sex Toys

When you get older and more experienced with sex, you will naturally want to try new things and stretch your boundaries a little bit. Investing in some good quality sex toys can definitely spice up your sex life. Go shopping with your partner or alone and look for sex toys that you can use together as well as during masturbation. Let your partner get a masturbation sleeve to spice up his solo sessions, and get yourself a great little clitoral vibrator that you can use with him or on your own. When you’re over forty, you can afford to take some risks and experiment with new and fun sex toys!

Share Your Fantasies

If you’ve never shared your sexual fantasies with your lover, now may be the time. You’re getting older, so there’s really no point in keeping everything to yourself and never getting to live out your fantasies. This works well when you’ve been in a long term relationship with someone for quite awhile, because you tend to get more comfortable with someone as you age and continue to have a relationship with them.

So instead of being shy and keeping all of your sexual fantasies to yourself, take a little risk and start to tell your lover what really turns you on. Take turns sharing with each other what new things you’d like to try, or different ways you’d like to do things. If you’re comfortable and safe in your relationship, revealing your innermost desires can really be a lot of fun!

The Fantasy Box

Even if you’re older and wiser, sharing your deepest sexual fantasies with your partner can be a little nerve wracking. Try a Fantasy Box. The Fantasy Box concept is an excellent way to introduce new and different things in your sex life in a fun, new way. Each of you write a few different fantasies that you’d like to try and put them on slips of paper. Put them in a special box, a hat or whatever you can find and mix them up. Pull one out and have a blast acting out the fantasy! This way, you both get to try each other’s fantasies without judgement.

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