One Night Stands: To Hit It Or Quit It?


Sex tips can give you the technique that you need, but they generally do not focus on the ramifications of having sex. Here is what real men and women are saying about engaging in a one night stand.

What She Said:

Should You Have A One Night Stand?

A one night stand sounds like a hell of a lot sexier in movies than they are in real life. For women its not always as great of experience as it is for men. And usually there is a lot of alcohol involved. Yes, a stranger’s body can be thrilling and the idea of “using” someone can feel forbidden but the majority of the time that strangers body isn’t being used to please you.

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If you are new to ONS and your sexual past consisted of committed relationships or even friends with benefits, then before embarking on a one-night stand you need to prepare yourself. One of the best sex tips is to mentally prepare yourself. Women often blur the lines between sex and emotions.

Know what you are doing and know that a ONS may not leave you with a feeling of fulfillment that you were used to in other relationships. Also, prepare yourself with protection. Bring condoms!!! Make sure your heart, mind and body are ready for this. You know yourself best.  Many women are able to separate sex from love and have a grand time doing it.

But if you are going to part take in your first ONS, be honest, know that there may not be fireworks, it may be super awkward and you may have regrets the next day.  All that being said, if you are ready and prepared then by all means, hit it and quit it!

What He Said:

Decide For Yourself!

Sex is like pizza. Even when it’s not that great it’s still really nice to have. Is it better when you’re in love and with your soulmate and your having that Sting and Trudy tantrically infusing nine hour marathon sex session? Sure. But if you meet some guy or some chick at a bar and you have a hot and heavy ten minute sex session and you used protection, this can be great too.

Condoms? Those are for sailors. 

Chuck Norris might not approve of one night stands, but why not? Yes, avoid the alcohol filled ones. Not just because the performance of both of you might not be so great, but those are often the hookups where condoms and other safety mechanisms get left by the wayside.

If you want to get good at having one night stands, it’s really quite simple. Go to a bar where you don’t ever go in a different city or neighborhood and have sex someone you would never ever want to see again, no matter how good the sex is. Stay sober. Go back to their place. Take a cab. Have really hot sex. Do not be there when they wake up. Don’t give them your real name.

I have a friend who takes this to a crazy level. She has wigs, glasses and fake names and even accents. Even if she went to the bar she always goes to no one would even recognize her. She finds that this randomness leads to better sex.

I don’t know what the point of this is, but it’s never stopped me before. If you are into this, go for it, if you’re not, you’re not. But don’t rule it out unless you’ve tried it. Sure girls tend to be more emotionally driven when having sex so many tend to prefer in relationships. A preference based on experience is one thing. A preference based on dogma that was forced up on you is an entirely different thing.

Whatever you want to do with one night stands, yay or nay, is totally cool. Just make sure you’re the one making those decisions. And just because you decide to bang lots of random people doesn’t necessarily mean you will get an STD, but it does mean you need to be really, really careful and secure your private parts like they are a crime scene on CSI. More sex can mean more exposure to risk, so you need to take that into mind before you take that hot piece of ass home with you.

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