Sex Tips: Grooming Your Pubic Hair The RIGHT Way!


Sex tips do not only cover technique, they also extend to your grooming. Pubic hair can be one of the biggest turn-offs in the bedroom when not handled properly. Here are a few sex tips based on what real men and women are saying about how you keep yourself groomed.

What She Said:

Hair Down There

I’ll never forget when I was 7 yrs old and found my parents’ 1969 Joy of Sex book.  Till this day, I can still vividly picture the naked hippies and the massive amounts of hair that surrounded their genitals. I still have nightmares.

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In this day and age we have come a long way with lasers, razors and waxes. For girls, there is no fun way to remove hair. Lasers can sting and be costly. Razors, although cheap, can be dangerous. One wrong wrist movement and bits can be cut.

And with razors there is always the grown in hairs, thicker hairs etc. That being said, maintenance is totally worth it! Not only does it look better, but also less hair makes it easier for your lover to find your clitoris.

And you and your lover can play the game of “Landing Strip” or “Tortilla chip” depending on the shape you want to leave your hair in. Going full on hairless is also sexy; there is something erotic and naughty about it.

Guys need to do their part in the manscaping department too. They don’t need to go bare, but for the love of God please keep it under control! No woman wants to end up flossing with your hair! And besides, a trim can make your penis appear bigger!

What He Said:

A Little Maintenance Won’t Hurt

I know there’s a lot of weight behind this “pro-bush” movement these days, but I’m just going to say it: only terrorists and weirdos are in favor of hairy lady parts. Yes, terrorists. If you don’t go bare, the terrorists win. True story.

Seriously, though, all women should be totally hairless from the scalp down. There is no logical reason to have any hair down their except that you’re part of Al Queda. I’m sure Oprah will tell you that all women are beautiful exactly as they are, but that’s simply not true. 70’s bush is just not sexy.

It wasn’t even sexy in the 70’s, but guys were given that to have sex and they didn’t really want to, but they did want to have sex, and everyone had fros back then. Girls even had fros covering their naughty bits, and men had fros surrounding their wedding tackle.

Ladies should be bald down there. It’s just plain hot. I can’t tell you why, but who cares? It’s wrong and it’s naughty and it makes us guys want to spend lots of time down there. And isn’t that what women want?

Yes, the landing strip is nice and slutty too. And who doesn’t like women being slutty? Nobody. That’s who.  Still, I vote full commando, instead of the landing strip. I mean, if you’re going to do it, why not do it right?

Manscaping is all the rage and frankly I rage against that machine. Men are supposed to be smelly and hair and dirty. The way God intended. Sure you get a few hair balls when you give us a blowjob, but that’s just part of the battle scars that come with performing oral sex on a man properly. Wear those hair balls in your teeth with pride knowing you did a job well done.

Though a little scissoring down there never hurt anyone. As long as you do it right. Sharp objects and the male genitalia generally don’t go together. I know women will say men are wusses for being afraid of this, but who the hell are you? You have an innie, we have an outie! Totally different ball game. Literally.

Be careful when you prune, or trim or whatever you want to call it, but never ever go full commando. It’s just not hot. I don’t know why it’s hot when women do it and not guys, but it’s just one of those things we can’t pull off. Maybe because it’s attached! Zing. Seriously though, trim but don’t shave it all of. It just isn’t right.

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